Crimes Against Life On Earth

Life on earth is dying at an accelerating pace. The elephant in the room of global dying is compounded by the existential meltdown wherein the problem-solving insititutions and individuals are declining in quantity and quality. Humanity can survive the latter but not the former. The death of life on earth from greenhouse gases reflects the crimes against life on earth by two kinds of CO2 sinners found in the two parts of the cost of humanity: living costs and lying costs.

The cost of living is the time we spend acquiring the necessities of life to live. The illogical, ususually corrupt, acts of habitual politicians impose privileges on the providers of these services so that they are both overpaid and underserving. As such, these providers are greater CO2 sinners than they would be if the habitual politicians acted in the interest of humanity rather than in the intererest of their re-election addiction. To fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, all necessary businesses need to be retimed to minimize CO2 sinning.

The cost of lying consists of our mercurial, ever-changing wants, wastes and worries for which we sin 100% against Mother Nature. As God's account on earth, Mother Nature has started to call in her loans of kindness, punishing us with global dying for overdrawing our accounts with her. To efficiently and civilly eliminate unnecessary CO2 sinning from our lying to ourselves about what we want, we need to use public plebiscites to prioritize the worse CO2 sinnners.


  1. In legalizing the actions behind the greatest tragedy of the 20th Century--the Global Dying by the Petrophiliacs--the members of Congress are not guilty of petty or felony crimes. Nor are they guilty of crimes against humanity. They are guilty of crimes against life on earth. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we, the other dying passengers on planet earth, can do to punish them: Their crime is a unreversable judgement and unprecedented sentence upon them and theirs from which they cannot escape: Global Dying.
  2. In a world suffering Global Dying from too many people living too long,  a doctor is wrong to justify saving and extending lives because he has taken the Hippocrates Oath. The doctor is practicing Kodak morality at best, or, pursuing greed at worst.
  3. Crime Type Levels
    1. Petty
    2. Felony
    3. Humanity: Nazis, Khmer Rouge, Genocide
    4. Existence: Every CO2 sinner
  4. In the hierarchy of crimes there are, to paraphrase "there are lies, damn lies and statistics", there are petty crimes, felony crimes, humanity crimes, and existence crimes. The punishment should fit the crime. Felons face imprisonment or death. Humanicides face death. For crimes against existence, not only should the perpetrator be executed but so should the perp's genetic pool be drained. Only when would-be thieves of existence realize that they may kill their children, parents and sibilings will they adjust their moral compasses to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
    1. Consider how British Petrophilia (BP) after its 2010 Gulf Oil disaster offered to fund the kitty as long as no BP executive would face civil or criminal charges. When one can pay fines by raising consumer prices and still get a bonus, what is the incentive to not break the laws of nations or laws of nature?
    2. The perpetrators of decapitalism on Wall Street are not deterred by fines which are merely an accounting inconvenience. Decapitalists on Wall Street are deterred by the threat of jail time. Decapitalists of existence will be deterred by the threat to them and their loved ones of hell time.
  5. Crimes against existence are inherited upon the children--see sins of father and innocent victims.

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