1. A 2004 survey of 900 peer-reviewed and published scientific papers on climate change failed to find a single one which went against the belief that man-made change is happening and is dangerous. 050929

  2. Like TV preachers, TV weathermen won't admit global dying. "They do not seem to remember that they have an existence upon the face of the earth." A. Lincoln, July 10, 1858, Chicago.


Loving Oil Even If It Kills Us

Pedophilia: "Sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object."

Petrophilia: "Social perversion in which civilization is misinformed, raped and destroyed for petro wealth"

The history civilization keeps repeating itself in which individuals or groups lie to get overpaid for what their lives are really worth. Examples are massas who tell slaves they are second-class human beings or anti-semetics who tell Jews they are not worth living. Financial markets have gone through boom-bust bubbles wherein the financial experts convince the wage-earning problem-solvers to buy symbols instead of substance knowning damn well that the financial value is not worth the paper and ink, e.g., Enron, Tyco, Worldcom, etc. In the realm of public problem-solving, societies have repeatedly suffered chaos and collapse from the believing the speeches and promises of habitual politicians who think they are God's gift to humanity, e.g., Born-Again Bush.

One can always tell when a theft by overpayment is in play, for the recipient is often quick to justify the action by saying, "And, it's legal." Do you think God agrees? Is legal legit when a nation's decline is marked by corrupt politicians legalizing wealth-transfer from the many to the few? Is it moral  to give more to those who do less--Wealthfare? No. God doesn't think tax-shifts from the rich to the poor are tax-cuts. Nor does God think the people controlling the oil industry are good people.

This webpage is part of a websegment documenting only the role of CO2 in global warming but more importantly and more pressing, the role of a CO2 matrix in climatic shift: global drought/deluge. The impact on humanity and civilization will be devastating because human population centers were developed over centuries based on the precipitation patterns before the CO2 matrix. The most extreme example of human disruption from the CO2 matrix is the millions of lives disrupted in one day Hurricane Katrina (2005) with hundreds of thousands having theirs lives totally destroyed.

Katrina is nothing compared to broader global decay from the CO2 matrix. There will be more and worser hurricanes destroying regions of the United States for which the habitual politicians have no plans except to enrich cronies with no-bid contracts. Globally, the disruption and contraction of the aquatic and land foodchains will cause massive starvation and death. The decline in ocean fish is well documented while the disappearance of the bottom of the ocean foodchain--plankton--is now being reported. Compounding the physical restrictions will be the decline in menatal ability, the alpha trifecta. As analyzed, the time-saving content of oil is less than the time-destroying consequences of the oil-induced CO2 Matrix.

In the face of overwhelming evidence and data that rising greenhouse gases are metasasizing increasing human suffering, a class of individuals and groups persist in pooh-poohing global warming. This websegment details the drought/deluge of the CO2 matrix and the impact of CO2 blastomas on hurricanes: sooner, more, bigger and later. And, a smoking gun is analyzed (Bonnie 2004) which in conjuction with actions at the Dept. of Interior show that oil companies know about the CO2 matrix just as tobacco companies knew about the carcenogenic properties of the original weed.

The reason for denial is simple, some people make money from being part of the problem rather than part of the solution. And, if you value money, you value little else. As noted in the Alpha Trifecta, the rich can move to cooler climes and buy bigger AC units, but they breathe the same CO2 laden air as the poorest person alive.

Who are these people that put oil-money ahead of human survival. They not only refuse to acknowledge the truth but work to hide the truth. They are the people who would sell their grandmothers or sell their children and grandchildren into slavery or prostitution, for civil collapse always leads to more slavery and prostitution. And, if the CO2 matrix initiates a total collapse of civilization, the marauding bands of "insurgents" won't be longing for innocent victims but for guilty "petrophiles."

Obviously, most of the people who work for oil companies are petrophiliacs. Their jobs, benefits and pensions are tied to oil companies charging as much as possible. Obviously, the top oil insiders are the biggest petrophiles. Obviously, public figures who dismiss global warming with ties to oil companies are petrophiliacs.

  1. Philip A. Cooney: Poster Boy for Petrophiliacs
    As a White House aide, this former lobbyist edited global warming reports to remove evidence and data that supported the concern about global warming (photocopies). After resigning because of criticism, Cooney returned to the oil industry to be a spokesman.
    1. 050607 Official Played Down Emissions' Links to Global Warming
    2. 050608 Bush Aide Softened Greenhouse Gas Links to Global Warming
    3. 050608 Examples of Clooneys Editing
    4. 050609 White House Calls Editing Climate Files Part of Usual Review
    5. 050610 Letters to Editor
    6. 050610 Editor of Climate Reports Resigns
  2. "Global Warning, the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people". Sen. James Inhofe, Oklahoma. 050909
  3. Sen. George Allen, Virginia, calls for more oil drilling 01031
  4. Bush adminstration: To say that the Bush Administration are not petrophiliacs is like saying the Catholic Church doesn't have pedophiliacs
    1. The Cheney Energy Panel and the Bush-appointe judge that dismiss the civil suit to discover the panelists.
    2. Jeb Bush using a loophole to start drilling in Florida's coastal waters
    3. State legislators reducing gas taxes so consumers can continue to metastasize the CO2 blastomas.
  5. Petrophiliacs can be described in another way based on their modus operandi in lying and hiding the truth from the citizens of the world, ecofascism, that is, destroying the world using the political philosophy of fascists.

Less obvious is lazy, igknowant consumer who thinks global warming won't really affect them and they like their low-mpg cars and huge outland houses. More than one person was quoted as saying, "I don't care what happens, I'm not going to give up my SUV." Or, the person who said, "I'm giving up my airconditioning." Such people will one day give up both air conditioning and refrigeration because they were petrophiliacs.

As Katrina showed, Shakespeare was only half right when he said, "Ignorance is bliss," for igknowance is bliss only until the ignored problems ruin your life. The politicians, businessmen and citizens of New Orleans preferred a Superdome over a superdike and ended up with a Big Empty.

If we don't tax our igknowance to stop it, our igknowance will tax us forever till it proves to be the real death tax. What we need is a national program without petrophiliacs. We need an "El Nino Tax."

The greatest tragedy of the Twentieth Century--and on-going--was increasing use of fossil fuels in the face of mounting evidence of global climate change from rising levels of greenhouse gases. Leaders and lemmings thought they could get overpaid by exploiting the time-saving value of fossil fuels only now to see that cheap prices were a downpayment on an environment debt with usury rates of wasted human time. As our future well-being steps away from us at an ever faster pace, out petrophiliac arsonists will take half-steps or less. Worse they will blame boogie-men--see Greek Fires 2007. The house of humanity is on fire and the arsonists are in charge of putting out the fire. The White House, Congress and Supreme Court controlled by petrophiliacs--the Texas Oil Cartel, we are like babes in a nursery controlled by pedophiliacs.

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