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In an overpopulated world, encouraging more human bodies is littering the landscape with CO2 sinners that Mother Nature cannot afford. So-called pro-lifers are really pro-litterers.


  1. Proletariats
  2. Prolitter: Anti-Life
  3. Prolitter: Littering the Landscape with too many babies.
  4. Crimes Against Life On Earth
  5. Over-Population: Too Many People
  6. Too Many Human Beings
  7. When Every One Tries To Get Into One Lifeboat
  8. Proletariats: Over-breeders
  9. Monetary Colonialism: Lasting Legacy
  10. Nobel Laureates
  11. Are You A Time Cancer?
  12. Immoral Sinners
  13. ProLitterism: Illiterate Illogical Aliens
  14. Elephants in the Room

Bad Morality and Attitudes: Super CO2 Sinners Fueling the fires

  1. A Plea for Paid Parental Leave
  2. Plan Would Pay Japanese Families To Have Kids0909o4 C N N
  3. Serious Child Care Support*
  4. Entitlement Hour
  5. Illogical Aliens
  6. Selfish, Self-Defeating ChildCare
  7. Meaning of Life: Create Time
  8. Right To Life
  9. The Modern Home
  10. Parents and Teachers
  11. Mean Americans Living Beyond Means
  12. Why Parents Must and Will Pay for Pro-Litter Morality:Living Beyond Means

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  1. Controlled depopulation: Why and How (Armada Letter)
  2. De-Littering: Controlled depopulation of Parents Who Over-Littered
  3. Anti Litter Laws

Options/Means for controlled depopulation

  1. Pro-AllLife: Logical Earthlings
  2. Population Re-set
  3. Primogentiure
  4. Parent/Grandparent age
  5. Cutoff age
  6. Medical rationing:
    1. Upper age limit
    2. Child order--none beyond 1 regardless of age.
    3. Pregnancy age restriction: None below 30
    4. No tax support for pregancies or parenting, not tax credit
  7. Pro-Litter Population 1950s Re-adjustment
  8. Depopulation Polls
  9. Deathhours: Negative Lifehours
  10. Table of D2D Question Issues
  11. Your Probability of MD2D
  12. Adoptions of Children Orphaned by Parental Euthanasia: A Needed Lifesaving Service Reformation


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  1. In January and February of 2012 there were two controversies that showed the polar stupidity of the American people and politicians.
    1. The Susan B. Coldman foundation announced termination of funds to Planned Parenthood, the organization that focuses on contraceptives to prevent pregnanies. Expressed as a matter of principle, the principle was quickly forgotten when confronte with the loss of greater amounts of money than was donated to Planned Parenthood. So much for principles. So, like many other mega-non-profits, the money is the focus not the message, e.g., organized religion.
    2. A few weeks after the Susan B. Coldman fiasco and reversal, the Catholic Church issued a letter to all priest to be read en masse at the Sunday Masses in which the contraceptive provision of President Obama's healthcare was assailed as violating Catholic doctrine. An uproar ensued with a "middle-ground" compromised being hailed as a victory for both sides. Nevermind that
      1. One female at a Catholic University said that seven out of eight dorm roommates were on the pill.
      2. Over 60% of Catholics think contraceptives are a good idea.
    3. Common to both controversies was the availability of contraceptives to prevent pregancies. On the surface, the responses seem different, the first supporting contraceptives and the other objecting to contraceptives. However, below the surface is the common denominator. It was a religious illogical alien at Coldman who initiated the ban on Planned Parenthood. Thus, the two controversies are further examples of how religion poisons everything, and,
    4. Quite overlooked in these similar controversies is how the Catholic Church tries to impose physical restrictions on behavior which its moral message fails to restrict: 7 out of 8 catholic girls use the Pill and 60%+ of catholics support contraceptives. As guns don't kill, people kill so is it true that pills don't solve problems, people do ... if they are armed with valid, viable and reliable morality. The catholics churches burned ground policy is a variation of "In order to save the village we had to burn it down", that is, "In order to save the soul we had to burn it on a stake." In other words, if you won't listen to us and do what we say (not what we will do), we will organize to withhold the means of your circumventing our rules. (Again, religion poisons everything.)