The most important and primary re-timing is food. People can live without healthcare, jobs, clothes and shelter. The cannot live without food. They riot and kill for food.

FoodReTime is the common building block for peacefully initiating better democracy and capitalism into fossil politics upon which to then build lifesaving democracy to save life on earth. Without FoodReTime, we cannot provide the needed hope for people to remain logical in the face of worsening problems. FoodReTime is the basis of defining an honest currency based on the cost of living, that is, the hours of life needed to acquire the necessities of life. Without an honest currency, fulfilling the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth is an empty hope.

Rations or Riots ...


Riots or Rations

As the Manheaven Commission assumes more policy-making responsibility to optimally to reverse global dying, one of the policy areas will be management of basic food production and distribution. With the accelerating collapse and disappearance of the foodchain, humanity has the choice of food riots or food rations. This is akin to how humanity has a choice of job riots or job rationing.--see workweek retiming .

Humanity can either adjust the distribution of food so that all have enough foodstocks or let the "marketplace" determine distribution. In other words, let the wage-takers who have all the money stimulate the production of non-essentials while the essential staples are insufficient to prevent food riots. Or, the farmers and politicians tax-support the production of ethanol from corn so gas-guzzling SUV's can have cheaper fuel. Or, as in Nevada thanks to its habitual politicians, have the water go for Las Vegas craps instead of local crops.


  1. A primary consideration is the the population must not rely on national planners to provide sufficient foodstuffs in emergency situations. Consider how in the US Republicans have consistently reduced food reserves and stockpiles in the interest of free markets arguing that privitization and deregulation of businesses would let the hidden hand reduce prices. As with other needed products that are allowed to have not emergency reserves, prices can escalate drastically in a short time due to shortages. This is what the Republicans have engineered into the U.S. economy in the name of free markets, privitization and deregulation. FoodReTime will build up basic foodstocks where they are needed so communities can weather periods of drought or flood.

  2. A seconday consideration is how first responders turn tail and hightail it home to take care of their own families, e.g., Haiti earthquake, New Orleans Katrina hurricane and Pakistan floods to name a few. Not only will first responders disappear but so will the managers within a top-down food distribution system. FoodReTime will be bottom-up food distribution system using One must keep in mind that as disasters multiply in number, metastisize in nature and magnify in size, outside help will not be available. As was said of the nation destroying floods in Pakistan, people are suffering disaster burnout. so donations will disappear as more and more people suffer their losses from the lottery of global dying. Planning for a disaster after the occurence of the disaster is no planning. The next time New Orleans has a disaster--and it will-those Saint obsessed sports addicts should eat the stadium they chose to rebuild instead of rebuilding the Ninth Ward. Which would help more in a disaster?

  3. An overall consideration is the need to retime currencies based on the objective, universal value of the lifehour which is determined by the cost of living. This cost is dividing the necessary workhours to buy necessary services into 24 hours. If you think existing food distributors are going to strive to lower the cost of living, I have two bridges in Brookly that I will sell for the price of one.

  4. A stupid consideration is if one is going to rough it by building up in-house food stocks. If you think your starving neighbors are going to let you remain fat and sassy as their children starve, look at the media coverage of food riots, people shot and killed--see back to land.

For everyday and emergency needs, humanity must develop a basic food distribution system based on elementary politeness. Timistic tools have been developed for developing policies and leaders. If you don't support retiming food distribution, you can expect to see you and yours suffer--see Babyback Ribs.

One of the most essential needs is water. Anyone who thinks that trucked in bottle water is the answer begs a number of questions. What if the bottling plant closes down? Will the drivers take the water to my home or their home? What if fuel is not available? There is a simple solution to making water available as part of the Double Alphabets .

Also see:

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Double Alphabet Solution : FoodRetime

Also see life's necessities.

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