Wanted: Better Message or Messenger

I am looking for a  better person or a better system. I have worked almost four decades on timism and more than three decades for better democracy and capitalism. I have attempted to have timism benefit rather than harm humanity as has been the case with the ramifications from E=MC2. I have attempted to created applications--the tools of timism--that for pennies and minutes solve problems that waste dollars and hours. While I do not seek any elective office, I do seek a better messenger for the timistic message. More importantly, I seek a better system for understanding existence than timism. Therefore, if you know of a better message or messenger than the below integrated system, please use the following form to submit your solution. Please don't submit ... or ....

  • Brain Bees: A new paradigm to tap the intelligence of concern citizens to efficiently, effectively and inexpensively solve the problems plaguing humanity.
  • VoteTime: A simple, free universal vote counting system that uses simple HTML downloadable ballots.
  • Women 50/50: Why and how Women should hold half of all decision-making positions.
  • Lifehours: The absolute, unversal currency that transcends the boundaries of nations and centuries to capture the true profit in each human act.
  • Global Drying: How CO2 is deadlier, sooner than Global Warming.
  • Necronomics: Why every economic school of thought is not only bankrupt but has bankrupt humanity because their focus is to give someone something for nothing.
  • Decapitalism: The use of capital to decapitalize production and to decapitate employment.
  • 24 in 4: Work week reform to increases disposable funds and time in a safer, saner world.
  • EDU2--How to quickly retrain workers without the time and cost of government jobs programs to avoid trading one set of unsolved problems for another.
  • World Peace: A Penny for Peace  Saves Dollars from Defense.
  • Spinbarism : The interface and resolution of the duality of physics.
  • Timism: The Periodic Table of Existence
  • Computer Knowledge: To lead rather than be bamboozled using simple, inexpensive, effective and undelayed solutions from computers. Programming skills make a person more logical and precise in one's thinking unlike a habitual politician who becomes more loosey-goosey.

I'm hoping there is a better message or messenger so I can get a life. I'm tired of being an impoverished intellectual, a starving student, a Mother Teresa in drag. My development of timism and its everyday applications has come at the cost of denying loved ones and at the cost of denied civil rights. I've been unwillingly involved in fraud by Virginia's former Attorney General and, later, Governor James Gilmore . My voting rights were violated in Virginia with Richmond's Voter Registrar Showalter re-coding  and losing my petitions for office. Many have said I should run for office--not after these two ballot burglers. I have been physically attacked. I've been medically denied treatment. I have been repeatedly insulted by people with no goals or concern.  In the final years, I was separated from my wife by 1250 miles as I scrimped money by living and sleeping in an 8'x14' room using a bucket for baths. For decades, the media stonewalled each offer of information--media blackhole. For years I've said increasingly angry and bitter, "God, I hope there is another message or messenger so I can walk away from timism and never read another newspaper." Please help, if you got a better message or messenger, get it before the public.


  1. What others think:
    1. The respect of the respectable is above all rewards.
    2. The igknowance of the igknowant is below all reproach.
  2. This messenger is handicapped by the fact that he knows of no one who is qualified in cognitive rawness and intellectual learning ( iCube ) to pass judgement on timism. Of the three potential judges, one has frequented mental wards, one has had free room and board and one has hiddened in the Army.
  3. RSB Messenger,
    1. Alphabet Solution
    2. A know everything perfectionist.
  4. On the public policy-making plain inhabited by habitual politicians and messiah-wannabees, the mediacs promote new brands as rising stars who turnout to be merely shooting stars in our darkening existential firmament, flaring brightly for a moment as the fade into backpage footnotes. Timism has been a consistent brightening moon, steady in its growth of descriptions, prescriptions, organizations and motivations to solve our problems. Timism, a full-moon.

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