Meaningful Rights:
Responsible Dictators

It may seem odd, contradictory or hypocritical to advocate dictator rights in the context of promoting better democracy and offering timistic tools. But there are times when an individual must be a dictator when evil will triumph if a good person does not act. The problem with traditional dictators is that they want to continue dictating after the crisis has past.

Democracy is championed within the timistic system as the best form of government for solving common, public problems. However, it must be kept in mind what Churchill said of democracy, a terrible form of government but better than the rest. Implied is that democracy has some failings. John Adams admitted these failings by noting that all democracies had failed. Aware of this historical fact, Thomas Jefferson has been widely quoted on his remark that the American Republic needed a revolution every twenty years to refresh its democracy. Eisenhower, famous for his warning on the military industrial complex, is not so well noted for his warning about Americans taking their freedoms, rights and democracy for granted. His successor, JFK, spoke of internal forces that would corrupt and destroy the United States.

What are these forces that destroy democracies? What have Americans failed to note. What prompts a Jeffersonian call upheaval? What causes democracies to historically fail--Adams? What makes democracy a terrible form of government? What? Simple:  the corruption of public problem-solving to serve private problem-solving.

Washington D.C., plagued by habitual politicians--who trade campaign help for campaign contributions--care only about passing economic privileges. Thus, the everyday problems of the average American are not being solved--jobs, inflation, savings, health and retirement. The habitual politcians and their enablers (tenured economists) have legislated illogical laws that transfer wealth from the wealth-creator to the wealth-cancers. Worse than millions for welfare is billions for wealthfare.

How can we undo the accelerating rate of privileges for the politcians' friends? Social, economic and political collapse are the traditional undoing of the corrupters of public problem-solving--Romanovs, Bourbons, Communists, etc. Another, less frequent way is the dictator who by selection or force imposes new laws to re-establish wealth retention by the wealth creators. There is a third way, but first a review of some historical and current benevolent dictators ( Summary ):

  1. Solon
  2. Cincinnatus
  3. Sulla
  4. Washington
  5. Lincoln
  6. Roosevelt
  7. Dictator Wannabee

Overall, the above have been benevolent, responsible dictators, that is, they realized a crisis of such complexity and suddenness that they responded to their ability to dictatorially solve the problem because there was not enough time to educate those doomed if the problem was not solved immediately. Less historical, but more common situations are:

  1. It is like the stranger who pushes you out of the way from a careening, crashing car that you don't see.
  2. The teenage passenger who takes the car keys away from a drunk classmate.
  3. The doctor who refuses to operate until the patient stops smoking and loses weight.
  4. Evil triumphs when good men don't act.

In essence, the individual unilaterally acts without authority or approval in instances where to not act is to allow time to be destroyed rather than conserved or saved. More poetically per Burke, evil triumphs when good men don't act quickly and decisively. The key between benevolence and malevolence, like all rights and freedoms, is the creation or cancering of time.

Responsible dictatorship is like the hard-love parent who says, "No," because the child cannot learn quickly enough the self-destruction of drugs, alcohol , and sex before the child has proven itself as a self-sufficient, independent person possessed of the problem-solving work ethic. Addicting a person to play before they know the time-creative joy of solving a problem is a recipe for "spare the rod and spoil your retirement." Good parents are responsible dictators until the child has proven self-responsible or is out of the house. Parents who want to be their kid's friend are neither parents nor friends.

Good parents and responsible dictators share and exercise meaningful rights. As elaborated in the websection on means, mean, meaningless and meaningful, a person who is allowed to live beyond their means will become mean with all becoming meaningless. In a zero sum world , one cannot live beyond one's means without making others live with less below their means. When the person who wants something-for-nothing by living beyond their means is restricted by policy or economics, these scumnuts become mean. A responsible person seeks to be meaningful, that is, full of his rewards for living withing his means, by exercising the meaningful right of restricting scumnuts from living beyond their means. Protecting one's means from the meaningless is a meaningful dictatorial right of necessity.

To allow someone to live beyond their means is wrong--it takes time from others.  It is like letting a slavemaster continue to enslave others. As is repeatedly shown, people who live beyond their means endup sharing their meaningless time-wasting problems with others. It is an example of hwo if we don't help others solve their time-wasting problems then their problems grow until the problems start wasting our time.

Meaningless people are time-cancers. A responsible, meaningful person wants to make things right by stopping meaningless people from being part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Like the stranger who pushes the bystander out of the way of a crashing car, meaningful rightists do not shirk from doing the right thing of correcting this wrong. It has nothing to do with the altruistic maxims of primitive, provincial moral codes. The eternal, transcendent, existential morality of more time shows the practical, pragmatic consequences of letting others legally or illegally steal more of life than they deserve. Objectively, they cannot steal their time of survival from themselves but from others. These others are fools not to exercise their meaningful rights.

Yes, evil triumphs when good men don't act. The final days of life on earth may be at hand from global dying. We may well be last generation of humans. Why? Because evil has metastasized into numerous primitive, provinicial systems to which far too many people adhere in their believes. It is doubtful that what needs to be done to save life on earth--the primary moral imperative--will be achieved because of the evilution of these religious and political systems that stifle and corrupt the goodness of man to be good in acting to stop evil from triumphing.

Thus, two historical ways have been describe by which populations reacted to an over-privileged upper class that corrupts public policy-making (government): revolution or dictatorship. There is a third way which this writer offers since he does not want to suffer a revolution nor want to be a baby-sitting dictator. The third way are the tools of timism.

The tools of timism promote the problem-solving twins of better democracy and better capitalism. Brainbees are the tools to optimal democracy whereby we can have zero-cost, corruption-free primaries. Votetime will reduce the fraud of dishonest voting by corrupt voter registrars. Implementing the lifehour to have an honest, functional currency will eventually stop people from living beyond their means by having more wealth than they create by working to solve time-wasting problems.

The tools of timism are key ingredients in the stages of creating the Manheaven Commission to save life on earth. Since this writer (who does not know everything and thus cannot save the world but is the only person who knows what must be done to save life on earth) wants to be a somebody who is a nobody to everybody, he will not run for public office. He is a dictator like a doctor dictating a life-saving prescription to a nurse for the patient to use. I'll be your dictator if you take diction and follow the prescriptions.

If people will not use the tools of timism to self-organize (brainbees) and self-reward (lifehours) there is nothing anyone can do to save life on earth. If people do self-organize then at each stage this writer will launch more flotillas of life-saving information until the last flotilla when the keys of achieveing the primary moral imperative will be shared. Like the doctor who will not operate unless the patient stops smoking and loses weight, this existential timistic doctor wants you to stop blowing smoke and to lose some mental fat.

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