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Civil Wars Impacting Global Dying

Contributing to the existential meltdown of problem-solving institutions on earth are the various civil wars that ranges from local to global in nature. Humanity can survive local civil wars. Life on earth cannot survive the global civil wars because they reduce the capacity of humanity to respond to global dying, the elephant in the room in all decision-making. Civil wars are one reason that what needs to be done will not be done to save life on earth.

In general, civil wars have their roots in a segment of a society depriving the majority of its fair share of the wealth created each day by the sweat of the people's brow. One can see this in the English Civil War, the Bolshevik Civil War, the British Colonial Wars, American Civil War, etc. The deprivileged masses rises up against their deprivers. Consistently, the deprivers can be found to have one or more of the personalities that make up the Ugly Igknowramuses.

The global civil wars are religious or economic in nature.

  1. Religious :
    1. Freedom versus Funny Mentalism
    2. Evolution vs. Evilution
    3. Logical Earthlings vs. Illogical Aliens .
  2. Economic:
    1. Capitalism vs. Decapitalism
    2. Privileged vs. Deprivileged Class
    3. Workers vs. Players
    4. Mentalists vs. Materialists
  3. Political:
    1. Democracy versus Despotism
    2. Liberal versus Reactionary

These three general classes of global civil war are examples of moral civil wars  from the timistic perspective of all entities can be quantified into units of time to calculate the morality of the dynamic system. If more time is created then it is a moral system. If otherwise, it is immoral.

The above three classes of civil wars have both creative and cancerous forces. The creative sides are Freedom, Capitalism, and Democracy. Throughout history, all civil wars are settled by the more moral forces. It may take time. But, the wheels of justice may turn slowly but they turn surely. Unfortunately, with the passing of the tipping point and, probably, the recovery point, humanity does not have the luxury of a good old civil war wherein millions are killed .

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