Whack-A-Mole Minds

Whack-A-Mole  is a child's game with several holes from which heads (or similiar protrustions) pop up one at a time. When the game player hits the protruding head, another head pops up from another hole. This one-at-a-time heads-up phenomenon can be used to describe the thinking of too many people.

An example is how one will hear a tax idiot rail one moment about raising taxes and then complain about the need to reduce the budget deficits. It is illogical. It is wanting to have one's cake and eat it too. It is wanting something for nothing. It is mixing apples and oranges. It is the province of illogical aliens and scumnuts .

It would helpful and more logical if some semantic honesty were applied to these two issues, that is, replace "budget deficit" with "tax deficits." Then the Whack-A-Moles won't be able to so easily hopscotch and daisy-chain related thoughts as unrelated.

In effect, these Whack-A-Mole Minds have multiple personalities. They suffer ADHD, that is, they cannot maintain their attention to one issue when another related issue racks their mind. They are the proverbial three-stringed musical instrument trying to play six-stringed music.

The Whack-A-Mole mind is merely another perspective on other variations of Ugly Igknowramuses.

  1. Chickenhawk patriots: Wave the flag while waiving their taxes.
  2. Compassionate conservates are passionate hypocrites.
  3. DASE'rs: Dumb Arse Shat Eaters that go from one stinking thought to the next without concern for where the fruity feces fall.
  4. Evilutionists who formulate immoral values and views based on one or more evil lies that necessitate more faith, miracles and lies to explain the inherent contradictions.
  5. Funny Mentalists : Spider webs of false tenets hold no weight when pushed.
  6. Humpty Dumpty Hypocrites: Semantic shellgames that dwarf the imagination.
  7. Illogical Aliens : As rolling stones gather no moss so do holy rollers gather no morals.
  8. Miracle Hypocrites : It would have taken all-knowing, all-powerful God less effort to prevent the "miracle."
  9. Semantic Slippers: Mental closets with more mismatched shoes than Imelda Marco's shoe closet after an earthquake. (See humpty dumpty hypocrites, above.)
  10. Scumnuts : People who want something for nothing, that is, being respectable when there is nothing to re-inspect.

It is important to realize that Whack-A-Moles minds are not wacky only when interacting with others. In private, they are prime examples of the maxim that one should not counsel oneself if one wants to avoid having a fool for a patient. It is in private where wackys reinforce their compartmentalized personality with fewer reality guideposts than when interacting with others. In effect, wackies are masochists who wack themselves into an uglier igknowance.

Anytime you want to see examples of Whack-A-Mole minds watch your local or national newscast. Rare is the newscast that doesn't have a non sequitor in which the anchor, without a pause or frown, goes from one topic to an anti-topic that refutes the prior topic. Thank God for teleprompters and acting classes.

In September, 2010, the poster kid for Whack-A-Mole mia culpa was the multi-night NBC's Education Nation.

  1. After an initial segment on the series, the next topic was about an NFL internet software game that encouraged elementary schools students to play on-line football.
  2. The NFL Fan Encouragement Vice-President bragged about an increase of 30% in youth interest in football.
  3. NBC interviewed an elementary student who says the NFL game is more fun than school which is work. NBC could promote education more by promoting sports less.

We don't want cigarette manufacturers targeting young people. We don't want drug dealers giving free addicting samples away, especially on the posted "drug-free zones" of schools. But the habitual politicians give tax credits to the NFL, a play business to distract kids away from math and science. And NBC? NBC glorifies the success of the NFL addicting kids to play instead of their work which is learning at school.

Like all the other networks, NBC is not interested in improving education. Like habitual politicians, mediacs cycle through issues without solving any problems. NBC is interested in ratings and revenues with endless worse than useless lying/dying information as it entertains us to death rather than educate us to live.

In all fairness, everyone has Wack-A-Mole disjointed personalities based on the biorhythms of the body: intradaily, wake/sleep, monthly and annual. Intradaily biorhythms  is evident at night as the REM cycle of sleep. This physiological ebbing and flowing reflects the central and autonomic nervous systems (CNS/ANS) managing of bodily resources continues through waking time.

When awake, the intradaily biorhythms evidence themselves as swings between alertness(CNS) and drowsiness(ANS). Some people have greater swings than others which are, in effect, the biological basis of bipolar personalities. One's thinking is quite different when alert and when drowsy like the difference between a person on crack or on downers.

These swings can be worsened by the monthly variations associated with the biology of mentrual cycles which is also present in males without the obvious indicators. Within the context of the iCube (integrity of intellect and intelligence), these biological personality shifts affect one's intellect, that is, the biological basis of thinking. If one understands how intellect varies, one can acquire the intelligence (information) on how to be productive when one is unalert or overly alert.

This writer was diagosed as bipolar after high school with the therapist giving some of the best advice he ever received:

  1. Accept biorhythmic swings as normal.
  2. If you worry about your mood swings, you will have more problems.
  3. Develop lists of productive things to do when you are drowsy or depressed as well as brakes for when you are hyper or manic.

One of the things I did was kept notes on what I was thinking when I was off the norm which, when filtered, became the building blocks of timism that was initially known as ROI--rate of integration. ROI became the third level of timism, mentality from which the basic processes of timism were derived. The advice plus the application of my formulating ROI is one reason why I completed undergraduate requirements at Southern Illinois University (Edwardsville) in just over two years.

The criticism implicit in this Whack-A-Mole critique of most people is their failure to learn information to have intelligent views and values no matter where their biorhythm takes them. It is like the advice to always drive responsibly so if you get drunk you will still observe good driving habits. Most people don't question and polish their gut reactions when they are alert so the disjointedness between their personalities are worse with biorhythm-based mood swings. One can temporarily elevate one's intellect with coffee or stimulants while the intelligence by observing the Socratic maxim of questioning to have a worthy life.

One can also see Whack-A-Mole personality shifts when one becomes horny. All reason flees before the hormonal shift in mental focus. It is the reason why intelligent men become dumb-stick dummies.

In summary within the context of timism at the mentality level, Whack-A-Mole Minds have a low rate of integration based on limited nature or nuture or both. In effect, they have ADHD in which they jump from one train of thought to the another. The increase of Whack-A-Mole Minds is another perspective on the existential meltdown or global dumbing contributing to global dying.


  1. In the 2010 USA mid-term elections, the readiness of the American voters to express that they think the Republicans can better handle the economy igknows how only two years earlier they voted the opposite. Because voters are Whack-A-Mole thinkers they will continue to will catalyze the descent into the chaos of whack-a-pol.

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