The main reasons you should become a supporter of the whole plan:

  1. Re-time all debts to zero-interest lifehour accounts with repayment based on 50% of income beyond basic cost of living--universal profitable debt reduction.
  2. Re-time the workweek to increase or decrease so as to have full-employment: 24 in 4. If debt refinancing saves you ten hours of wages in interest costs, are you willing to work 10 hours less to gainfully employ the 25% of Americans that are un-, under- and mis-employed millions? Remember, we can share job time or jobless crime. If you became unemployed, would you rather be on the dole or on the job? For every economy, there is an optimal workweek length. Those who are working beyond the optimal are telling the unemployed that they, the jobless, can only work zero hours a week. By virtue of the "jobhogs" overworking, they have given the unemployed the right to return the same standard: You cannot work as much as you need or want!
  3. Re-time healthcare with payment via productive, constructive community service to lower tax and business costs. If you pay 15% of your 40-hour income in healthcare costs, would you rather six-hours in a productive, needed community service with those six job workhours going into creating an employment vacuum?
  4. Institute level rights for optimal problem-solving instead of arguing over human rights and states rights.
  5. Implement brainbees and plebescites for more direct democracy to replace the false re-presentative democracy that only re-presents the private wants of the rich, a de facto money dictatorship.
  6. Receive lifehour credits in supporter accounts for effort to implement better democracy and capitalism to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth. Lifehours can be used in an ever growing basket of goods and services, in part or whole.
  7. Save the Fools: Debt-holders ... Monetarists ... Habitual politicians ... Workhogs
  8. Tax reform for real-time payments based on individual's general and specific cost of and cost to the taxing unit.

Some people won't like the proposal to refinance loans to lifehour accounts with zero interest because they have lived within their means and have no outstanding interest-based loans. A word to the wise: Many homeowners without mortgage debt were initially gleeful about the neighbors who had lived beyond their means until the foreclosed properties started to drag down home prices on streets, in neighborhoods and in cities. In 2011, the average house price sale in Detroit was $11,000!

The current and historical examples of inflationary bubble burning innocent bystanders as collateral damage are numerous with most bursting bubbles spewing forth more crime, terrorism and war. If you think you are safe from the ravages of bad economics because you have lived within your means, you do not understand the trajectory of a growing cancer from worsening unemployment. If you are robbed, burglarized or killed, it probably won't be from a professional career criminal. And, if you a personally lucky in not being bodily violated, your rising insurance and tax rates will include the cost of jobless crime.

We live in a zero-sum world in which no one is immune from a collapsing economy and chaotic politics. Some will be willing to gamble for more at the risk of injury to life or limb. Or, wisely, and hopefully, most will be willing to accept a less materialistic lifestyle for a safer, saner world for self, family and community. Hopefully, more will learn that the rich man is not the one with the most but the person wants the least.


  1. Jobhogs don't realize that they have set in motion a cycle of coflation in which the cost of living rises faster than their income beyond the optimal workweek.
  2. Organized labor as far back as the New England shipbuilders and early American unions struck for more freetime even when offered higher wages. Simple math and an understanding of inflation shows that the quality of life does not improve if one does not have more free time. Inflation eats up the higher wages as more money chases the same goods and services.
  3. We cannot save life on earth, the primary moral imperative, without reforming our economic and political principles and processes. That is the biggest "Why" for why you should support the whole plan.

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