I won't care if you won't

In 2012 as I await my first Social Security check and enter the final lap of a lucky, happy life, I wonder if I should care about life on earth.

  1. For more than two decades--since 1989--I have sat on the knowledge of a simple, inexpensive process (brainbees) whereby to find our problem-solving Einstein Moments for politics, economics, employment, marketing and, most importantly, values
  2. For over three decades, since 1982, I have known of  CO2's organic effects on the atmosphere which are causing global dying.
  3. For over three decades, I have known that humanity needed an honest, functional currency called the lifehour because it unites the substance and symbols of real wealth, that is, the time savings or creation of solving real time-wasting problems, aka, the work ethic not the Play Pathos.
  4. For approaching a half-century in length, I have known that the basis of both relativity and quantum physics was based on the false view of the Speed of Light being linear rather than rotational, that is, what Einstein and Planck had in part, not in whole.

Why do I wonder if I should care? Because others did not care who should have cared: habitual politicians, tenured economists, corporate myops, academic arseholes, and mass mediacs ... people I repeatedly approached with my discoveries. Now, with a public presentation via the internet--the whole plan--the public can care or not care. I will care as much as you care.

There is nothing you can do for me while I can do almost everything for you except lie to you like the above list of doodoo digesting, short-sighted igknowramuses.

Whether or not I care is interesting from the perspective of how I don't know everything not how to save the world. However, as my timeline shows, I can claim better than any other that I know everything necessary to save life on earth. If I am right and nothing then I am the ultimate terrorist, the mother of all "Evil triumphs when good men don't act." The evil will be the escalating violence at a level of intensity and so widespread, that Hollywood cannot imagine it. If I am right, I can have a false pride in the destruction of the means for higher learning disappear as people grovel to sustain life in ever lowering circumstances. With people having less and less free time, no one will have the time or means to learn, let alone extend, timism. Thus, I might be the pinnacle of human iCube.


  1. 120424 I cannot believe the amount of self-lying and contradictions in conversations with people suffering from the economic decline. In no way do they convey self-blame or self-direction. Consistently, they are waiting for Godot. I have tried to hire unemployed people to help who have not shown up for work. What a waste of time!

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