Property Rights

The Bill of Rights contains a provision on property rights. Constitutionally, one's private property can be taken by the government for the public good--eminent domain. What is the public good ? More or better problem-solving per citizen. Within the morality of more time, eminent domain is the government declaring that more time can be created by a public use of private land. When this is true and the private owner is aptly compensated, this is good for all parties, a profitable transaction.

Unfortunately, not all uses of eminent domain are for the public good. Too often, it is another example of a citizen being deprivated for the private gain of a politically favored person. This is an example of how habitual politicians addicted to re-election use the public process for economic privileges that benefit a few, not the public.

An example was the Supreme Court rubber-stamping a shopping mall. No wrong was righted and freedom from problems was not achieved. By condemning private property for a public mall, the Supreme Court did not create new business and new wealth. Rather, it set in motion the decline of the neighborhood businesses and of the neighborhoods as people transferred their spending dollars to the new mall. DASE!

As the US Supreme Court has become less representative of the Americans, their decisions have been increasingly skewed to benefit the privileged class thus de-priving the average American worker of the fruits of his labor. This is a new economic enslavement by the political system worse than Dred Scott decision of 1854. The US Supreme Court is self-defeatingly anti-worker , the class which pays taxes. To paraphrase A. Lincoln, "Don't they know they live on the same planet?"

Under eminent domain or similiar judicial threats, America is littered with dying towns as a time-cancer was approved by public officials for the common good ... supposedly. Consider Walmart. Walmart located its stores in neighboring low-tax rural areas to avoid paying fair taxes. Walmart sells lower quality goods under the slogan, "Save money. Live better." This is Kodak morality not video morality if one does the calculus of morality, that is, cradle-to-grave timistic analysis.

Over time, thanks to Walmart, tax revenues dry up. With disappearing tax revenues, public services to solve public problems decline. Whatever short-term time was saved in cheaper Walmart goods was long-term time lost to worsening community problems: Pot-holed Streets, Underfunded Schools and Rising Crime.

In approving the mall ursupation of private property rights, the US Supreme Court mirrored the Walmart strategy of not creating wealth but rather transferring wealth to a fewer few. Whereas there were many middle-class businessmen involved in their communities with their business profits, the profits of Walmart go to a far fewer few who live far away. Anyone who thinks Walmart is good for communities and America has a low iCube, that is, a low integrity of intellect and intelligence.

The Manheaven Project has an eminent domain component, that is, the community food project by which the production and distribution of basic essentials needed for life is grounded in the elementary school district, aka, elementary politeness. This re-timing of food supplies is necessary to establish the time value of a community's lifehour currency. This re-timing is necessary to reducing the economy of wants, wastes, worries and lies so as to lower the cost of living. In so doing, humanity is completing a necessary step reduce the cost of humanity to Mother Nature who is God's Accountant on earth. Without reducing the cost of humanity, what needs to be done will not be done to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving live on earth.

Within the Manheaven Project, all land is subject to community farming so as to bring food sources closer to the end-user and to avoid food shortages from natural disasters or dastardly CEO. Unfortunately, the US government has intiated a program for Walmart to be America's food distributor during disasters. Anyone who thinks Walmart would not contrive food shortages to increase profits has not looked at Walmart's business practices with its vendors. This is another case of how the arsonists who set the house of humanity on fire are in charge of putting out the fire. It is like requiring childcare facilities to hire pedophiliacs.

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