Conclusion of Global Dying

The achievements and conclusions of this thinker warrant serious consideration of the above prediction. While not without rough edges, timism is grounded in an extensive knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, economics and politics--the periodic table of existence. This knowledge gives this writer a telescope to see what is coming sooner than others.

  1. Some may think these conclusions were "reversed engineered" to match the past rather than conclude the future. An analysis of the dated references, particularly the country references of the CO2 Matrix. In addition, the timeline of " I tried to share " contains verifiable memorialized effort.
  2. In 1982, I wrote a treatise on global drying/drenching which was ignored by the person who could have shared it with the public. (He again chose to do nothing in 2005.)
  3. In accumulating the data, evidence and facts for this websegment--the CO2 Matrix--the long-term projections of global warming became awareness of eminent global dying.
  4. In March, 2006, the personal hope to outlive global chaos was shattered by the discovery that the rise in CO2 was 40% beyond what could be accounted for by the amounts of combusted fossil fuels.
    1. We have passed the tipping point. From thawing of CO2 generating microbes to increased forest fires, Mother Nature is becoming a greater source of CO2 than man.
    2. If all human beings died tomorrow, global warming would proceed to global dying by 2025.
  5. Investigating the missing links to explain why CO2 is going to rise higher than it has until Earth is like Venus (high CO2 and sulfur atmosphere with temperatures beyond 500 degrees and winds of a category 13 hurricane) produced the following dots which the reader can also connect.
    1. During the evolution of earth there was a period of continental separation which had a far higher level of volcanic activity than today--the Carboniferous Period from 500 million to 250 million years ago. Volcanic plumes have a CO2 level 50 times greater than CO2 level of 1800 (which was the beginning of the industrial revolution when the burning of fossil fuels).
    2. Simultaneously during the Carboniferous Period, the plant life was complementary to the high CO2 levels, rapidly converting the CO2 into the carbohydrates that became (from heat and pressure) the hydrocarbons of oil and coal which man retrieved and burned. This period was called the Carboniferous Period in the evolution of the earth because of creation of the vast stratum of fossil fuels (Cambian and Permian--please note that the deep wells in Texas and China are referred to as Permian Basins.)
    3. As the tectonics drift slowed so did the volcanic release of CO2 slow. Atmospheric levels of CO2 started to drop. Plants evolved away from being high converters of atmospheric CO2 into hydrocarbons. The plants on earth today are
      1. not only unable to convert CO2 to carbohydrates as a sink to prevent rising CO2 levels
      2. but they are harmed by rising CO2.
    4. The biomass is less and less able to metabolically live with the rising CO2. Whereas it took 10's or 100's of thousands of years for plants to evolve to lower CO2 rates, plants cannot evolve in a few decades to the previous biology compatible to rising CO2 levels.
    5. Between the Mother Nature geometrically generating increasing amounts of CO2 and dwindling ability of the biomass to sink the CO2 into hydrocarbons, global warming will accelerate with more and more people realizing that we are really experiencing global dying.
  6. This writer realized early on that a tipping point was inevitable. Then this writer realized that the tipping point was not centuries in the future but in decades. Now this writer realizes that the tipping point was some years ago. Now this writer focuses on the "recovery point."
  7. The recovery point will be passed within a one or two years. Beyond the recovery point there is nothing that humanity can do to stop the extinction of life on earth.
  8. In this writer's journey to understand existence and make it better through timism, there have been a sequence of focused effort.
    1. Academia: I went to college to answer the question: "What is the purpose of life." Unlike most students, I went for an education, not a job. Part of the human problem is not that growing numbers of students have gone to college for job-training to be a working drone but the habitual politicians and habitual academicians have organized education to be fodder factories producing bodies for corporate jobs. People have job skills but they don't have life skills to understand that global warming let alone global dying. While in graduate student, I became vociferous devourer of research on CO2 at many levels, but mostly the biological processes. While I early on realized that I would not use my academic training, I milked the system to have the time to be a "telgarious."
    2. In the mid-1970's after college, I focused on exploring Timism through other funding--a paint pump project failed which prompted informal borrowing funds from corporations to conduct research based on my training in electronics, physics and chemistry. The findings were self-satisfying but did not warrant sharing with humanity.
    3. In the late 1970's and early 1980's, I researched by humanity was becoming self-destructive and I arrived at the need for better democracy and capitalism--see writings. When I realized that writing was not going to change people, I initiated another business enterprise: AESOP, American Employee Stock Option Plan which was summarized in the book, Managing without Managers: Profiting from Democratic Capitalism. I was a failure at getting employees to embrace the principles to which I had devoted my life up to that point.
    4. In the 1990's, I explored the path of political office as a venue to raise public awareness of the need for better problem-solving via better education, better democracy, better capitalism and better values. Again I was a failure because I would not become a stinker in the political cesspool.
    5. With 2000, I concentrated my computer skills to develop internet applications whereby people anywhere could participate in initiating the needed reforms in economics and politics. The original applications were shelved after September 11,2001, when new dynamics and dishonesty were discovered in the political world.
    6. With March, 2006, came the awareness that the tipping point in global warming had been past and that the effort should be focused on not passing the recovery point, the ManHeaven Project.
  9. A global Manhattan Project is needed to avoid the recovery point to prevent global warming becoming an ELE: Extinction Level Event.
    1. Without the proposed ManHeaven project, all human beings and life will be dead by 2030.
    2. The longer the ManHeaven project is delayed, the more human beings will die of necessity to prevent all human beings dying from the ELE of global dying.
    3. The primary question that human beings should be addressing is how to initiate the ManHeaven project.
    4. Secondary questions involve who are going to suffer and die so that some may live in a world that is not going to die. To trust the habitual politicians to make the right decisions is self-delusional because the house of humanity is on fire from the habitual politicians acting as arsonists. As shown in the Greek Fires of 2007, the habitual politicians will play the terrorism card as a boogieman of last resort.

Every minute that you give to petty wants  instead of the need for the ManHeaven project is your voting for suicide, infanticide and paricide. Never was it truer or more dire than now is the statement that we have the politics, economics and life that we deserve.

Even if you can't think of something to do, keep thinking and keep trying. At the minimum, don't be part of the problem. A list of things-to-do have been provided as a starting point.

A personal note: Every time this writer moved to a new stage by which to ensure that timism would be used for good of all humanity, that is, democracy per diem and capitalism per capita, he suffered how to lose friends and effluence enemies. Since there cannot be any stage beyond the ManHeaven Project to apply timism for the benefit of humanity, he will signal the end of a decades long path of sacrifice and denial by purchasing a bordello and entertaining himself to death.

  1. Timeline of Previous Conclusions

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