Dateline Diary on Conclusions
History of a End-time Timist
Overview of Conclusions

Some will think I concocted this list after the fact. So be it. However, a review of the memorialized timeline of timism indicates non-concoction.

Before reviewing the below past conclusions, you may want to review Rich and Famous? Not I and Lucky Me ... On being Perfect

  1. 1958 Kill my mother or she will kill me, a conclusion that haunted me for four decades--see Lucky Me.
  2. 1962 Designed a jet engine
  3. 1964 Rather be insane and happy than be sane and unhappy.
  4. 1966 Saw midget sub in Pearl Harbor picture. Not noticed by others until ...
  5. 1968 Comment to grandfather on him having a better retirement than my generation: He agreed.
  6. 1970 Rather be sane and happy than insanely rich, education over job-training: I went to college for education around the question "What is the meaning of life?" Thanks, Jeff.
  7. 1971 Realized mental processes could be understood as ROI, that is, rate of integration, of information, the basis of iCube or dynamic of density.
  8. 1974 Timism: Looking west toward a setting sun over the Watson Crick from the new Psychology Building at NIU, I realized that ROI was really a processing of time, a processing that was common to all dynamic systems and levels of existence.
  9. 1980 Confederacy of Dunces is published ... had been using the phrase to describe habitual politicians in Washington, DC.
  10. 1980 Necronomics: By the year 2000 (early by a decade)
  11. 1982 Dollar is Dead: Monetary Colonialism
  12. 1982 Homeowners don't beat inflation
  13. 1982 Oil Drought: Fourier Transforms
  14. 1982 Falkland Islands or Bust
  15. 1982 Within Reform books, proposed new social contract. Republicans adopted for 1994 congressional elections. Another political promise abandon after the election.
  16. 1985 Comment to father-in-law on his retirement: He retired with pensions from five states. By 2010, most of these states were borrowing money to pay pension obligations.
  17. 1989 Brainbees tested on touch tone phones--see TTMgr.
  18. 1992 Ross Perot: Offered him the tools of timism. Dead end street. offer (index): Ad listing key concepts
  19. 1993 Carmax: That's the end of Circuit City as executives split problem-solving between two unrelated business models.
  20. 1995 Americans will not get serious about reforming government until enough are afraid of no retirement, no job, no home and no food--see Jack and Jill.
  21. 1997 If you like change, it is a great time to alive.
  22. 1999 Symantec : Thanks, Peter (Anti-virus/hacking software is a farce.)
  23. 2000 Bush getting elected: Did not vote for but wanted elected to prove out the reductio absurdum of his right-wing illogical ideology--A case of beware of what you wish for, you might get it.
  24. 2000 Nothing an individual can do to save self--only hope is better democracy and better capitalism. Waste of time to build up savings and retirement because will be blown away by chaos and inflation. All will end up with zero: Number of millionaires that disappeared on a daily and weekly basis in 2007,2008, 2009. Millionaire homeowners to tent city in just a few weeks or month.
  25. 2000 Labor Day prediction on Nasdaq: High > Under 2000 by Superbowl
  26. 2000 If you like chaos, it is a great time to be alive.
  27. 2002 Existential Meltdown websegment
  28. 2003 Iraq invasion: We can't win. We will bankrupt our military and economy.
  29. 2003 Hurricane Isabel: Concluded impact ten days out: Study brain, study weather-- Meterological Mentality .
  30. 2004 Pensions: Started telling anyone who asked about pensions that they were vapor pensions that would disappear. Told people to keep working--see Bye, Bye Pension.
  31. Global Warming Predictions: People will increasingly face four questions:
    1. How do I euthanize my children?
    2. How do I kill my parents?
    3. How do I kill myself?
    4. How do I kill those responsible for the collapse of civilization?
  32. Time beams and crashing planes
  33. Cancer treatment but ....
  34. Timistic Bombs
  35. 2006, March: Tipping point passed ... Global Dying conclusion
  36. 2007 No personal treatment of elevated PSA: Not worth it. (March, 2009, US and European long-term studies concluded the same.)
  37. 2008 New show on TV, the "Mentalist" which I found ironic because 3rd level of timism is mentality.
  38. 2008 Greece funding fire disaster with deficits would burn up Greek economy: 2010, Greece economy is bankrupt.
  39. 2009 February: Recovery Point approaching (Obama's mid-February comment on "We will recover. We will rebound.")
  40. 2009, March: Congress, A Chain-link Finale

Failed conclusions (must have been predictions):

  1. 1982 Necronomics
  2. 2007 Bush resigning
  3. 2010 Food crisis
  4. 2013 Governments collapsing

Future conclusions

  1. Civil Wars: Domestic, Ethnic and Religious
  2. Global Dying: Technological solutions are not enough--see falsehopes.
  3. Moneytheists : Financial Time Cancers
  4. 2013 Government collapsing, chain link deaths for gene pools
  5. To reduce population: Illegal to have seat belts and airbags ... EMTs will be banned ... hospitals, doctors and medicines will be banned except in MHC hierarchy ... anti-litter laws ... anti-disaster help
  6. Ban on international trade and travel until population reduced to 10%

To save life on earth, the following targets of controlled depopulation are required.

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