Holocaust of Global, Final Scale--Index

Nazi fascists gassed millions while petrophiliacs are gassing billions as well as life on earth.

Overview Article


  1. Alpha Trifecta: ADHD, Alzheimer and Autism
  2. Blame for Global Holocaust from CO2: Compassionate Conservatives
  3. Burn, Baby, Burn
  4. Considerations and Conclusions
  5. Cost of Living Reduction
  6. Civil Wars Worsening Existential Meltdown and Global Dying
  7. Death Row Analogy of Global Dying
  8. Elephant in the Room: Global Dying
  9. Geopolitics of Death
  10. Greatest Tragedy of the 20th Century: Oil fields
  11. Harvard: A Time Cancer
  12. Inflationary Forces of Global Dying
  13. KKK: Kargo Killer Kontainers
  14. Masada, Global
  15. MBA's: Master of Bankrupting America
  16. Population Double-Decimation
  17. Truckers Blame Yourself
  18. Volcanic Winters

Need for Whole Plan