Why you should support the Ultra-Holistic Secularism of Timism

Levels of existence, problems and solutions:

  1. Morality: If everyone started praying tomorrow to reverse rising CO2, would CO2 decrease? No, especially if they prayed in church after driving a gas-guzzling SUV to church. This is like the Black Plague when the church-goers traveled from town-to-town claiming the black plague was god's revenge for human sins: the religious zeolots actually increased the deaths because they carried the plague to new areas. The cry for public prayer is an admission of the failure of private prayer in home and church. Global dying from climate change will not be reversed by people who believe in heaven, a belief creating a hell-on-earth. The solution is getting people to admit that they have lied to themselves about a boogeyman who does not exist. Timism has no tool beyond the written word and a call for reason and logic to solve the problem of CO2-sinning from overpopulation championed by immoral religions.
  2. Politics: When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police. Which comes first? Habitual offenders or habitual politicians? Is there a difference. Without term limits and clean elections, the policy-makers who are to blame for the habitual problems will keep kicking the can down the road. Within the tools of timism are brainbees which are like spelling bees to spell out the biggest problem with the best solution and to find the best problem-solver with the least cost--see brainbees, zero-cost primaries, term limits, women 50/50, and citizen legislation. The Super-Brainbee will re-write how we select policy-makers and make policy.
  3. Economos: History has repeatedly shown that inappropriate finances are the common downfall of all nations and empires. As a power elite develops, they pass laws to not only rip off the public but to exempt themselves from paying their fairshare of economic security and stability. Today's politicians and economists are no different than those of the past who did not learn from the past.
    1. Timism offers the functional, honest currency that transcends the boundaries of centuries and borders, the lifehour. Without it we will try to finance the Primary Moral Imperative with cancerous currencies and dysfunctional finances. The lifehour is based on the a simple time analysis: How many hours does it take to earn the necessities of life divided into the 24 hours of the day. This simple math corresponds to the relative worth of an economy and its real currency. Regardless of the funny numbers on funny paper would you rather be a billionaire in Zimbabwe where you have to work all day to buy food (if you can find work or food) or a dollaraire in the U.S. 1950's  when a dollar-an-hour job would buy you enough food after working one hour?
    2. Usury (aka Monetarism) is the economic problem; lifehours are the solution. You have a chance as an angel to buy a U.S. hour of average wage for two cents on the dollar, that is, for each dollar you lend Timism you will receive a warrant and a credit worth an average hour of wage ($25 in Spring 2014). (Part and parcel to our dysfunctional currencies which allow international theft by monetary colonialism is how Wall Streeters have hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to decapitalize production and decapitate jobs. Capitalism is not failing. Rather, decapitalism reigns supreme as the wolves pursue capitalism for fewer few. As we need daily democracy to replace voting day democracy so do we need capitalism per capita instead of the money dictators if we are to save life on earth, the Primary Moral Imperative.
  4. Mentality: People's happiness is tied to their values. If they confuse the work ethic with the waste ethic then they will value and receive less material and mental happiness. In regards to global warming, the cost of humanity to Mother Nature has two parts, the cost of living and the cost of lying. The former is the time we spend each day to have the necessities of life while the latter is how we lie to ourselves about what is important, that is, what we want. Our basement, garages, attics and debts are full of things we no longer want and never could afford as we work jobs we hate to keep our heads ahead of the tsunamis of debts we contracted. The richman is the one who wants little or nothing beyond his needs. He is not the person who spends his life in an unending chase of more funny numbers on funny paper. Only a concerted effort to get people to realize what is important will stop the CO2-sinning of lying to ourselves which is driving climate change and global warming. Foremost is the realization that play is not work. Work solves real time-wasting problems while play wastes time. Athletes do not have the work ethic; they do not work hard. They have the waste ethic at which they waste hard.
  5. Metabolism: The objections to obesity is often portrayed as narrow-minded people failing to appreciate that beauty can come in tonnage rather poundage. Mother Nature does not care about human perceptions of beauty. All she knows is that every pound of human fat or muscle unnecessary to human survival is record of past CO2 sinning and future CO2 damage to her. Being the final arbiter of life on earth, she is punishing us for being obese.
  6. Spinbarism: The linear speed of light is an epiphenomenon of the rotational speed and precession rate of the basic particle of existence--see ReTiming Physics.

If you agree with most of the above observations and conclusions, you should become an angel of timism. For each dollar you lend timism, you will be both warranted and credited with an average hourly wage. Thus, when you cash them in, they will be worth the same time value regardless of the inflation of funny numbers on funny paper. Your lifehour warrants will be repaid from the cashflow derived from several revenue streams. In addition, based on your level of lending, you can receive a GOOHF or Super-GOOHF.

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