Each time you checkoff a task to build better democracy and capitalism, you are building an honest, functional currency system to replace monetarism which is bleeding humanity to death. More importantly, you are creating the building blocks of the Manheaven Project to save life on earth--the Primary Moral Imperative.

Pending the activation of the service, you can post your actions on your facebook page or twitter with subsequent entry at a later date.

Please note the form for recording supportive activitity for which you will receive lifehour credit.

Inactivated --needs review and revisions May, 2014.


To DoChecklist:
What you can do

Primary Things To Do

Below is a checklist by which you can help grow better democracy and capitalism with rewards in lifehours and possibly, GOOHF's. As you complete each step, check the corresponding button and submit it. The actions are listed in suggested best order of completion though they can be done in any order. Actions granting lifehour credits do require that you sign up,.

Action Lifehours GOOHF Explanation
Wednesdays: Boycott, Poster, Sickout and Closedowns
Boycott Wednesday


Part of saving life on earth is de-timing the goods and services that make up the larger part of the cost of humanity to Mother Nature: how we lie to ourselves with our every changing wants.
  1. We can either let Mother Nature continue to shorten the workweek with increased unemployment from the collapse of the foodchain (global warming from our CO2 sinning), or,
  2. we pre-empt Mother Nature by cutting the legal workweek.

By not buying any goods or services on Wednesday, you are doing two things: Starting to cut the workweek and telling politicians that we need to stop financing our unemployment problems with deficit spending. With debt refinancing into lifehours, you will have more disposable money and time in a safer, saner world--see 24in4. Also, don't shop on Sunday. Really, we need a day of rest and reflection. Data mining will be used by the MHC to assess lifehour debits on those who purchased goods or services on Wednesday.

If you want secure future employment, lower cost of living, safer streets, help implement better employment and workweek policies by not buying Wednesday.

Each Wednesday that you don't buy something, you can claim a lifehour. Please, be honorable, if found to have purchased one stick of gum with cash, your lifehours and GOOHF's will be reset to zero.

Sickout No work Wednesday, claim lost wages in. Take pictures of cars at convenient stores for 1 hour. (Numbers
Closedowns Business owners, no sundays, no saturdays
Car Poster Boycott Wednesday
Community Service
if homesteaded Email your ?? based on
Election 2012:
Stop Mormoney Romney: He is a serial decapitalist and monetarist who has bled companies to death. He will implement his false "capitalist" model to America and bleed it to death--see www.decapitalism.com
Poster making


Making a 3'x4' poster from one of the provided anti-Romney--have a poster-making party with ten people for all ten signs
Stop Decapitalism


Attend a Mormoney Romney or Rich Pubes , aka, Respublican, rally. You may submit this lifehour each time you attend a Mormoney Romney or Res Pubers rally. (Summary with date, time and location).
Recruited Protesters


Friends recruited to attend and protest Mormoney You may submit this only for the first rally since your friends will be claiming lifehour credit on their own. (Summary: List names of friends. Number=# of friends.)
Primaries 2012 The following will be active if the launch of timism is early enough which is up to you, dear reader.
Elementary Democracy



June 1, EHDSN temporary, $5 bill, signed front/back (Summary=?, Number= Level won E=1, H=2, D=3,S=4, N=5). When a lower level winner becomes the next level winner, the lower runnerup becomes the lower level winner. Women 50/50.
Petition Signatures 1/10 When the candidates are nominated, you must collect at least one petition for each candidate (Congress, Senate and President) for which you receive a lifehour credit for each 10 signatures. It is easy to do. Get the petitions on-line or get them mailed to you. Get the petitions to your elementary president who will re-present them upwards to until given to the petition counting election registrar.
Boycott Interest Payments Monetarism, that is, money making money, is based on interest which all major religions call usury and have bans. (This is one of the few times that religions have a good principle. However, like the Catholic Church failing to inspire celibracy and relying on financial punishment [we won't pay for contraceptives--get pregnant!], HL Mencken summarized the willingness of religiously devout businessmen when he said that they were the worst of God's creation. Pious on Sunday, but greedy the rest of the weekdays. When you pay your creditcard, car, home or student loan, don't pay the interest. Put that money in a savings account. (Summary: Enter name of creditor.  Number=Interest not paid.
Occupiers Ban The occupy movement is counterproductive. It plays into the hands and goals of the people to blame for the economic mess. Therefore, anyone who is documented as an occupier will be denied participation in the Manheaven Project

Visit Timism.net to develop elementary democracy at your local grade school for implementing the level rights of security, disaster management, education reform, food and water reserves, utilities, etc.

Summarize your submission (400 letters or less). You may include an email address or webpage address for more information, see Entry Guidelines. (Do not submit here if a company link is provided in the above table.)

? Numeric Account #       Password:  

Better Self-Disgust


  1. Constitutional Convention
  2. Whole Plan
  3. Re-timing Humanity
  4. Vote With Dollars
  5. Boycott Life Killers (Habitual Politicans)
  6. Buy elementary/high level domain names

Participate to Activate

Remember, always, the following:
  1. When politicians good policy then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.
  2. Evil triumphs when good men don't act. If you wait for others, you will be left behind.
  3. Help that does not help the helpless to help themselves is not help
  4. Without optimal democracy and capitalism, we will not save life on earth. Support Global Democracy.
  5. The Whole Plan, particularly the paradigm shift in public policy making: Your invested time will be rewarded in lifehours and lifejackets that can get you off the deathrow of global dying.

What You Can Do?

  1. Nothing. Wait till you hear about Better Democracy and Capitalism from other sources. Then jump on the bandwagon. But remember, paid lifehour tax credits are limited for recruitment. As is fair and just, the first recruiters should get the most rewards. Just remember your email addresss so you can use it when recruiting others. Debt refinancing is done in the order of membership.
  2. Use your account to explore and understand the Better Democracy and Capitalism to share with friends. Note how this will grow on people and become secondary. Make no mistake, America will be expanding its money supply not through the discount window but through community service quantified in lifehours tax credits with the money being devoted to Federal Reserve and health care costs.
  3. Complete your Elementary Politeness Brainbee so as solve problems at the local level, chronic and disaster.
  4. Review the primary essays, especially timism and lifehours. Most all readings have the option of earning lifehour tax credits for better understanding how to solve humanty's problems through better democracy and capitalism.

Old Checklist

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