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Timism: The Morality of More Time

Nutshell Summary

The most important essays you will ever read.

Hydrophilia (water loving):
The simple, molecular 'smoking gun' of droughts, fires and deluges.

Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule.

If you read these two essays, you will realize we don't have decades to save life on Planet Earth. Instead, by Christmas, 2023, you will be racing thru your bucket list. Climateheads do not understand the molecular CO2 so they don't factor its properties in their climate projections as I have.
  • Predicted worsening droughts and downwind deluges with the mechancism being Hydrophilia: Oil Droughts. (1982)
  • Predicted millions of starving people because we irresponsibly feed thousands of pro-litter mouths: Letter to Editor. (1992)
  • Predicted worsening hurricane seasons: Hurricanes for Dummies. (2000)
  • Agriculture in the Northern Hemisphere will die along with billions of people with unbelivable social, economic, and political chaos: Polar Timebomb. (2007)
  • Rising CO2 levels increase autism, ADHD, Alzheimers as well as asthma and allergies: AlphaTrifecta. Global warming is also global dumbing. (2007)
  • As a dessicant, CO2 is dehydrating bees causing less immunity to opportunitistic diseases. (2010)
  • Driving global inflation is the relentless rise of CO2 destroying the foodchain by drought and deluges. History repeats: "Nothing made the German people so embittered, so raging with hatred, so ripe for Hitler, as the Inflation."
  • Numerous closed loops releasing CO2 are self-accelerating--read Hydrophilia again.

Based on documented historical events, there are three actions that can stop Climate Hell. But they cannot be initiated without the better democracy of brainbees. Signup to save the lives you love.

Visions without a roadmap are stop signs.
Timism's roadmaps extend beyond the horizons.

Visions without a roadmap are stop signs. Timism's roadmaps extend over the horizons.

Save Life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell: 2-Part Roadmap

  1. Refinance all loans and debts into zero-interest lifehours with profit-sharing re-payment. Convert personal interest-cost savings into reduced workweek to create job vacuum on career ladder:
    Either we share job time or jobless crime with inflationary costs of un-, under- and mis-employment
  2. Replace business-paid healthcare with community service healthcare in solving real problems.
    Business healthcare discriminates against seniors and women.

Morality without practicality is immoral. Timism is the morality of more time.







Brainbees:  Spelling bees

  1. for problem solutions

  2. on a fair, level field

  3. for policy-making,

  4. from the global to local.

Democracy is not failing:
Habitual politicians fail
to be democratic.

Super Brainbee:
Global to Local Universal

What Einstein Had In Part But Not In Whole
Speed of Light Spin, not Linear
Morality of More Time

Lifehours: The ultimate currency
  1. transcends politics and time

  2. by quantifying the time-saved

  3. when solving a problem

  4. to determine profits.

Capitalism is not failing:
Wall Stealers fail
to be capitalistic.

Capitalism is a Victim
of Identity Theft

401ks:Biggest Bank Robbery
in history.

When politicians make good policies,
the polity in the polis will be polite
without police.

Best government is least government
only if we better self-govern:
Tools of Timism

The Whole Plan:  A Roadmap of Hope
for the Primary Moral Imperative

Banned from Timism Benefits:
Climate Cancers and
Climate Criminals

Dedication: Leonardo

Copyright 1978+ Robert S. Brown-Barnett