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Timism: The Morality of More Time

Levels of Existence ... Time behind Timism

The most important essays you will ever read.

Hydrophilia (water loving):
The simple, molecular 'smoking gun' of droughts, fires and deluges.
 500-year drought? 1000-year flood? No.
The ELE: Extinction Level Event

Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule.

 Stop Climate Suicide

Visions without a roadmap are stop signs.
Timism's roadmaps extend beyond the horizons.

Save Life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell: 2-Part Roadmap

  1. Refinance all loans and debts into zero-interest lifehours with profit-sharing re-payment. Convert personal interest-cost savings into reduced workweek to create job vacuum on career ladder:
    Either we share job time or jobless crime with inflationary costs of un-, under- and mis-employment
  2. Replace business-paid healthcare with community service healthcare in solving real problems.
    Business healthcare discriminates against seniors and women.

Morality without practicality is immoral. Timism is the morality of more time.







Brainbees:  Spelling bees

  1. for problem solutions

  2. on a fair, level field

  3. for policy-making,

  4. from the global to local.

Democracy is not failing:
Habitual politicians fail
to be democratic.

Super Brainbee:
Global to Local Universal

What Einstein Had In Part But Not In Whole
Speed of Light Spin, not Linear
Morality of More Time

Lifehours: The ultimate currency
  1. transcends politics and time

  2. by quantifying the time-saved

  3. when solving a problem

  4. to determine profits.

Capitalism is not failing:
Wall Stealers fail
to be capitalistic.

Capitalism is a Victim
of Identity Theft

401ks:Biggest Bank Robbery
in history.

When politicians make good policies,
the polity in the polis will be polite
without police.

Best government is least government
only if we better self-govern:
Tools of Timism

The Whole Plan:  A Roadmap of Hope
for the Primary Moral Imperative

Banned from Timism Benefits:
Climate Cancers and
Climate Criminals

Dedication: Leonardo

Copyright 1978+ Robert S. Brown-Barnett