Claim 100+ gratis Timism barter-currency (US IPO: $30/lifehour)
When millions have billions in lifehours, we will have a stable currency and
will have political power to legislate use for taxes, loans, healthcare and needs.
Optimists opt for Timists: The Party of, by, and for more time.

Timism: The Morality of More Time

The most important climate essays you will ever read.
Hydrophilia (water loving):
The simple, molecular 'smoking gun'
of more droughts, fires and deluges.
Carbon Dioxide: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule
behind more autism, ADHD, Alzheimers, polarbombs,
earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.
 How to Stop Climate Suicide: Silver Bullets and Golden Dagger

Timism's visionary roadmaps extend beyond all horizons.
Visions without roadmaps are stop signs.
Super-highway to government
of, by and for the people.
  1. Civility Brainbees
  2. Grassroots Gerrymander
  3. Idea Lotteries Indexes
  4. Level Rights
  5. Super Brainbee
  6. Citizen Legislation
  7. Zero-Cost Primaries
  8. Jabber Democracy
  9. Disaster Prep Services
  10. Electricity Deniers



The ultimate currency transcends
politics and time.
  1. Quantifies the time-saved when solving a problem to determine profits.
  2. Capitalism is not failing:
    Wall Stealers fail
    to be capitalistic.
  3. Capitalism is a Victim of Identity Theft
  4. 401ks:: Biggest Bank Robbery in history.

Meaning of Life

Living beyond your means lessens your means: UB meaningless.
Living below your means creates more means: UB meaningful.
Meaning of Life: Be a Timeful Creator not a Timeless Cancer.
Meaningless menials become meanies.

To be happy with more means, time, freedom and friends,
live like a baby chicken: cheap, cheap, cheap.

Be a minimalist mentalist not a malignant materialist:
Help save life on Planet Earth from our CO2 sins,
live within the means of Mother Nature.

Time is the thread in the fabric of life ... the gravity of existence.


Copyright 1978+ Robert S. Brown-Barnett

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