to reverse climate hell.

Visions without roadmaps are stop signs,

Timism: The Morality of More Time

Timism's visionary roadmaps extend beyond all horizons.
CO2 Killer Molecule
CO2 Mailer 2024
Disaster Prep
Igknowance Tax
Life's Meaning
Bob Barnett
Table of Contents

Climate Hell: The Most Important Essays that You Will Ever Read (top)
Mother Nature is laughing at all the climate change deniers whose lives
are upended in a few minutes by her revenge for our CO2 sins.

#1 P:rimary Moral Imperative

Save Life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell ... Sacrifice Today or Forever Suffer Worsening Hell-on-Earth
#2 Hydrophilia (2018) The simple, molecular 'smoking gun' of more droughts, fires and deluges. (2018) ... Cyclonic or Linear
#3 Siberian Fires (2023) Seasonally, beget Canadian Fires and Pre-sage US 2024 East-Coast Mega-Fires or beget Atmospheric Rivers ... Why Putin Must Go
#4 Amazon Fires Panama Canal, Mexico City & EU-Derencho..
Global Fire Fighters: To break the closed loop of CO2>Droughts>Fires>CO2 and beginning at the high school level, an international self-defined and self-education hierarchy using Grassroots Gerrymandering.
Angels needed

CO2: The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule(2007) (top)
Global Dying List of historic and current droughts(15) due to oil fields or fossil fuel foolishness--stopped counting in 2010.
AlphaTrifecta Rising CO2 levels behind rise in autism, ADHD and alzheimers as well as asthma and allergies.
Hurricanes for Dummies (2003) Fewer, but bigger and more powerful
Polar Timebomb (2007) Northern Hemisphere uninhabitable in a few years Youtube
Oil Droughts (1982) Predicted worsening droughts with downwind deluges.
Bees Dying CO2 in soaking up water from ground and atmosphere is a dessicant that soaks water out of animals as well as plants.
Flash Droughts, RVA (2023) Friday morning lush grass and green plants. Saturday afternoon: Dry, brown grass and wilted plants.
Why? A hot, dry wind. Luckily, no fire.

CO2 Cost of Humanity to
Mohter Nature

Cost of living: CO2 cost for needs of life
Cost of lying: CO2 cost for wants of a moment.
Our closets, basements, attics and garages are full of the former "must have" CO2-waste, a.k.a., our dead wants. Our impetus wants are killing our future.


Climate Sinners: Generators of CO2 for wants that destroy the means for our needs.
Climate Lemmings: People who igknow the facts as they trunch to the precipice.
Climate Criminals: People knowingly igknowing the long-term consequence for short-term greed.
Climate Cancers: Individuals or entities that cheerlead people to worsen their CO2 sins.

Employment Crisis

90% of human CO2 is for "wants" not for "needs." To reverse climate hell means 90% unemployment, or, reducing the workweek (see 24in4). Each hour of workweek reduction equates to less CO2 being generated. A homeless person generates less CO2 than a weekly 100-hour workaholic job-hogger.
How do we gradually reduce workweek? How do we change the majority's mindset from the malignant materialists to mental minimalists? The igknowant might self-knowledge when the pain of hunger clarifies their priorities. Habitual politicians won't lead them out of their igknowance.

Job Idiots

Global warming test: Grow economy and jobs so we die. Or, slow economy and share the jobs so we live.

What needs
to be
will not
be done.

Like taxes, everyone wants others to make the sacrifices, thus, little or no action to save life on Planet Earth, the Primary Moral Imperative. Ninety percent of CO2 is generated for wants, not needs. Those 90% climate sinners will not want to simplify to their lifestyles to reverse climate hell. Our civil wars of competing values will escalate contributing to the synergistic, accelerating Existential Meltdown.

Needed is sufficient democracy based on brainbees prioritizing needed sacrifices and national referendoms legitimizing them. Timism has those tools that only need your support to implement them. (Manheaven Project). Why? Climate Cancers are core of human existence and emotions.

Stop Climate Suicide

Silver Bullets and Golden Dagger (tba)

Climate Essays ... Youtube: Global Dying ...

Brainbees: Overview and Index (top)
Brainbees are like spelling bees with citizens spelling problems and solutions for peer review by an automatic, hands-free process. Brainbees eliminate the age-old public policy corruption by unrelated factors: greed, racism, sexism, and ageism. They are super-highway to government of, by and for the people.

Disaster Preparation Services: High School Based Overview (top)
Disasters are coming sayeth Mother Nature.
Food Reserves Rotating staples distributed at elementary schools. EBT integration. Prevent Food Riots
Bully Stoppers Stop a major source of school shootings
De-Electification: Lights-Out: Simple, immediate punishment for minor civil violations ... Use for Thieves, Liars and Conspirators
Jabber Democracy More than $1 million in revenue for high schools
Disaster Cleanup &
Sister Cities
Manual, not Fossil Fuels ... e-gen ... cruncher ... multi-stage grind/metal/burn/electricity ...

Economics (top)

Real Cost

The real cost of anything is the time you spend to get the funny numbers on funny paper. Thru the common intermediate of the funny paper, you trade your time for the time of others in their goods or services.

The average, real cost of a gallon of gas is 6 minutes based on $3/gallon and $30 hourly wage. Immediately, it saves many hours of time, e.g., travel 30 miles in 30 minutes rather than in six hour walking at 5/mph. But, if if fuels climate hell that destroys your job, home and future, then the real cost is beyond calculation.

Obsessing on funny numbers, you will waste your time. Fools and their time soon part.


The Japanese have a saying that the most expensive things are free. Free love becomes 18-years of child support.  A free car that requires many dollars(time) of repair is not free,.


job time
jobless crime.

  1. Loan Refinance: A one-time jumbo llow-interest oan refinancing with profit-sharing payback.
  2. Volunteer hours and Education hours for saved worktim hours.
  3. Let welfared work for self, not taxpayers work for welfare--Walkfare.

By better employing our human potential, we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years
with more funds and fun for self, family and community in a safer, saner world.

volunteer brainbee ... education brainbee: math, science, history

401ks: Biggest Bank Robbery Ever 1980: Average retiree had $300k in defined benefits. Top 2% had 20% of America's wealth.
2015: Average retiree had $100k in 401k. Top 2% had over 50% in America's wealth.
Between funny numbers on funny paper and inflation, in 2015 a retiree had only $30k in 1980 buying power.

In 25 years, American workers lost 90% of their retirement requiring working jobs after age 65. How? Wall Street and business schools hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to decapitalize America. Capitalism is a victim of idenity theft.

A simple law, based on Timistic analysis, will let American workers regain a retirement by ending the economic bloodshed of decapitalism. Would you like to work less and have more for a better future?

529: Ponzi Scheme An inflationary closed loop of higher education hyper-inflation: More money chasing same product.
Dumb Fed Fight inflation by directly shortening the workweek, not indirectly by 100% inflationary suffering for a few.
Deflation: Corrupt Fed Over the decades, the time-cost of production as gone down while the dollar-cost has gone up. The current symbols of worktime (dollars) were not kept current with the production value of worktime. Instead of productive deflation, that is, dollar cost did not fall in parallel to falling producting time. Today, the US dollar is worth 1.5% of its value when the Federal Reserve was established in 1913. When the FED says it has a target 2% inflation rate, it is saying in reality that it will allow non-workers to siphen 2% of productivity. Due to intellectual incompetence and political corruption, the FED champions decapitalism.
Res Pubers Love
Yes, Democrats tax and spend, but Republicans borrow and splure. Who owns and benefits from the bonds financing the national debt ($34 trillion)? Democrats or Res Pubers? Workers or Businessmen. Why is the lie repeated? Simple: Res Pubers own the media: Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC? And, Res Pubers are buying up more daily newspapers everyday for coordinated soundbytes echoing Joseph Goebbels propaganda machine.
Deep State A falsehood confabulated by the radical far right is that Democrats have a deep state organization. Will Rogers would laugh at this absurdity as he once said, "I don't belong to a political party. I am a Democrat."  Democrats have the disorganized complexity of a garbage dump while Republicans have the organized complexity of  a major corporation. Republican  politicians know the low-information, gut-reacting voters will buy lies. One lie is they are a victim of Democrats' deep state conspiracy. It takes money to organize a deep state. Why is this lie repeated? Who owns the media?
Deep Pockets Which party has the deep pockets for the numerous dog whistles? Which party owns the major news outlets? Which party benefits from confabulating conspiracy theories for the low information muddle-class? Which party benefits from un-woke, un-enlightened citizens. Which party beats dead horses and posits red herrings?
Self-Replacement A falsehood adopted by the radical far right is the "replacement theory," that is the lie of Democrats want to replace whites with darkies. Who is going to best succeed in an economy? Those who study job skills or those who play war games? Likewise with the 2020 election being rigged: Trump's actions self-rigged it for him to lose (another dog-whistle). Ironically, the "replacer" crowd doesn't apply thier illogical reasoning to college enrollment where females are 60% of enrollment.
Males in trouble Lee Cowan, a CBS correspondent, in a Fall, 2023, cited how college enrollment is dominated by women. He interviewed many prognosticators, but none cited the number one reason that each generation of males has lower achievements. The elephant-in-the-room is organized competitive sports from before middle schools onward. Lacking the basic reading and math skills, males cannot handle the mental and emotional stress of job-winnng skills. The U.S. is the only country with organize sports in the education system. Why doesn't CBS report this? Because of billions of dollars in revenue from sports.

Igknownance Tax: Bill of Responsibility (top)
Why should the responsible pay for the irresponsible
who igknow facts, reality and truths?
Igknowance is bliss until the igknowed problems blitz your life. Either we tax and stop our igknowance or our igknowance will tax and stop us.
Flooded Cars No insurance payment for people who drive into flooding water or park their car in a flood plain.
Anti-Scam Tax Victims of scams co-enble scammers to continue scamming others. This is a climate cancer as scammers are getting a free ride with substantial income with which they buy wants. Victims should be taxed an amount equal to their losses for igknowing the principle of wanting something for nothing.Victims are irresponsible derserving of an igknowance tax. 100% tax on people who allow themselves to be scammed thus enabling the scammers to be unproductive CO2 sinners.
Late to Worik Igknowing clock leads to stealing time from others, boss, co-workers and friends. Early birds get the worm. Late turds get fined or fired.
Climate Change Denial Worst, most expensive real-time igknowance tax by Mother Nature upon humanity. She laughts as she plays climate roulette in visiting with little warning disasters upon the igknowant climate deniers. The millions in in damages have become billions on the path to trillions which to paraphrase E. Dirkson is real money.
Parental Cop-outs Mother-of-all-cop-outs: In 2024, a tv ad called for legislation to protect kids from cellphones. The setting was a family meal with a daughter glued to a cellphone. Like book banning, many parents want someone else to solve an under-the-nose family problem. Failed parenting begins early-on with parents not enforcing the most important two-letter word: No.Worst than welfare moms having welfare babies is muddled parents muddling a child's values. Poor parenting taxes everyone.

Inflation: Time, not fiunny numbers on funny paper (top)
Inflation Is a cheapening of your time. When inflation cheapens the buying power of your paycheck, it is really cheapening the value of your worktime. Traditionally defined as more money chasing the same goods and services it also occurs when the same money chases fewer goods and services.

Dukkha inflation is the self-inflicted cheapening of one's life from unneeded wants and cravings. Two people with the same paycheck will vary in happiness, suffering and emotional pain based on living within or beyond one's means. Dukkha inflation is the economic restatement of the Buddha's Noble Truth.

Inflated word


Among the many reasons that inflation is a re-occuring problem is its paradoxical nature. One has more wages but less buying power. An irony totally missed by those withholding their worktime for higher wages is that is lessens rather than increase buying power. The funny numbers on funny paper merely distract wage-earners from how inflation cheapens their time. The way for a person or nation to stop inflation is to increase one's knowledge to solve time-wasting problems by more education of more DIY.
Food Prices Neither Democrats Nor Republicans but Mother Nature is main cause of inflation. From our CO2 sinning against her, she is destroying the food chains with the droughts and floods There is more demand for less and less food: 350,000 daily births world-wide. If you want to blame someone for food inflation, blame the pro-litter, anti-abortion, asexual crowd, especially the papal US Supreme Court of which 6 of 9 are Catholic. Blame the NGOs. Blame the Nobel Prize committee. Blane the U.N.

Monflation vs.

Inflation can occur from more money or shortages: Monflation vs. Sinflation. Republicans have a long history of constantly contriving shortages to increase their profits, e.g., oil companies, Enron, food reserves, etc. If you like inflation, vote for Republicans and their media lapdogs. On the slightest piece of bad news, they raise oil prices even though their costs have not increased. This is private taxation, a privilege that habitual politicians legalize for re-election campaign donations.
Immigration Key Bridge victims: Bulging jowls with wives needing interpreters to translate Spanish into English. Skinny border-crossers become high BMI pro-litterers. Visit Walmarts on Sundays. The Federal Reserve should directly alter the workweek length for everyone rather than cause 100% inflation for those unemployed by higher interest rates.

When Dollar Deflation is

Understanding sinflation, one realizes that the 1930s deflation was as a cheapening of human time as buying power fell faster than prices. If prices fall 50% but your wages fall 100% then you are a victim of inflationary suffering. In this matter, economists are intellectual pimps and streetwalkers selling their services to the higher bidder rather than the highest morality. Timists are moralists for more time.


When widgets are produced in half the time, the production cost deflates. The moral question is how is this time savings used. Is the time savings translated into lower costs, i.e., productive deflation? Or, as John D. Rockefeller did with his increased wealth from booming oil demand, generate monopolies so as to raise end-user prices? This monopolistic practice continues as corporations inflate the optics of an event so as to increase end-user prices, e.g., gasoline pump prices when oil production costs have not risen. Because campaign donations, politicians increase oil company revenues by lowering government taxes on gasoline. During Covid, when people were driving less and with no change in production costs, price hikes generated $66 billion excess revenues. Corporate greed is a major source of inflation.

Lifehours: The absolute universal currency that transcends
the borders of politics and boundaries of centuries

Index ... Simple Overview ... Summary ... Book: Currency: Symbols or Substance  (top)
There is a simple, standard, absolute determination of a nation's currency value. It is based on the origin of the word and concept of currency: What is your time currently worth. A nation's lifehour is 24 hours divided by the average needed worktime/hours for the survival necessities of life.
  • If the necessary workhours are 12, the national lifehour is 2 (24/12=2)
  • If 4 hours then the lifehour is 6 (24/4=6).

Forgetting the misleading funny numbers on funny paper, in which nation would you want to live? Which nation has a higher quality of life hours, that is, free time to enjoy life?

California's mininum wage of $20 is a saltwater solution that will lower the quality of life in the same way that the Federal Reserve raising interest rates eventuates a lower quality of life: --see Both, like so many economists and politicians focus on funny numbers on funny paper.


Trading Lifehours ... Food For Lifehours... Mom and Pops ... With Timists political power, lifehours will be legislated for payment of taxes, loans, rent, and healthcare. Recipients will use the same payments.

Physics: Time is the thread in the fabric of life ... the gravity of existence (top)
Quality of Life All are equal but some are more equal than others
Speed of Light An epiphenomenon of of the rotational speed and precession angle of the smallest matter.
Gravity A Push, not a Pull Phenomenon
Energy E=MC2=hf
Mind-Body Unity Consciousness rides shot-gun on metabolic processes.
Solar Shades Save hundreds of dollars in heating costs. (socks, layers)

Politics: When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite and polished without police. (top)

Time Manager

In all actions, criminal and tax laws, government is a moral or immoral time manager of the people. Immoral laws of corrupt politicians are indicated by the claim, "And, it's legal."

Republic or Democracy

To say that America is a republic, not a democracy, is like saying a Cadillac is not a car. Per the Latin origin of republic and per the history of Roman government, a republic is a democracy that limits office-seekers to rich adults, res pubers. To run for office, a male needed to own about 1,000 acres of land. A wealthy businessman could not run for office because Rome saw how demogogic populist had taken Greek city-states to war for person gain, i.e., the early military-industrial complexes. The resulting Pyrrhic Victories weakened Greece as an international power. (Hint. Hint.)

America's Founding Fathers, rich enough in land to have time for politics, limited voting rights to wealthy adults. Untill 1932, 20% of U.S. states had a land-owning requirement in order to vote. Rich pubes aptly describes the Republican Party, either really rich or really wannabees. (The Republican Party is not the party of Lincoln, never was.)

Church and State 

  1. A Lie: Founding Fathers wanted a religious state, a theocracy.
  2. A Truth: Some Founding Fathers wanted their god in charge of government. Others saw the recipe for more religious civil wars to add to the dustbins of history.
  3. A Fact: 1789 Northwest Ordinance, the companion to the U.S. Constitution, rejected tax support for churches. Instead, the majority voted taxes for education that led to one-room schools: 190,000 in 1919 to fewer than 400 today.
  4. A Truth: Many Foundinng and Framing Fathers had ancestors who came to America to escape the tyranny and chaos of the religious state, e.g., Pilgrims, Hueguenots, Irish, etc.. Today, many immigrants seek freedom from the theocracies for which uneducated, low-information Americans clamor like the 1930s workers proclaiming communism to be a workers' paradise. Fools and their freedoms soon part.
  5. Christ said it best: Render under Caeser that which is Caeser's and unto God that which is God's.

"In God We Trust"

This phrase on U.S. currency did not originate with the 1776 Founding Fathers but appeared duirng the 1950s administration of President Dwight Eisenhower.
Dictatorship Fools' Gold, a saltwater solution to petty civil strife that culminates in costly civil war. Dictators are bitchers and butchers. Visions without roadmaps are stop signs. Democracy is not perfect but it is far less imperfect than dictatorships. Dictators first get elected based on promising to solve problems. Like revolutionists, they can over-throw a government but not govern. (see Thankful Dictators)
Democracy Democracy is not failing. Rather, petty dictators, a.k.a., habitual politicians, are failing democracy. We need term limits. The only thing worse than not voting is voting for ;habitual politicians who are the cause of our habitual problems.
Saltwater Solution At first, a saltwater solution seems to solve the problem, but, like a thirsty person drinking saltwater, the problem comes back worse than before: 401ks, 529, Volunteer military, EBT, welfare, trump, tax-cuts, deficit, etc.
Oprah's Truthism Oprah's Your Truth is a semantic metastasis that maims, mangles and murdereds the truths rooted in the rules of Mother Nature: Our Truths. For her afternoon, stay-at-home, low-information minions, Oprah elevated personal opinions and saviors above the rational, logical reality that transcends personal self-lies. Earthism is religious truthism. Why get educated when you are blessed beyond and better than any PhD? What she described, but shied away from, was Your Soul. A Black telling Whites to have Soul is not advertisingly beneficial. Oprah is a Mama of MAGA mentality as repeatedly re-inforce with her parade of sit-down guests.
N-Worders What does God think when he hears a racist use the N-word?
Woke, aka,
The gullibility of the poorly educated, ill-informed and low-information American sets new standards each time the wealthy come up with a new dog-whistle to have these Americans run, jump and turn-over for a semantic twisting of an old word. I don't know about you, but if I have been sleeping on the job of living by being mis-informed, I would like to enlightened or wolk up. Suckers for lies and their time and dollars soon part.
Time Manager In all its functions, government is a manager of our time: laws, regulations and taxes. The politician promote the morality of more time or metastasizes the immorality of less freedom.

Level Rights

To optimally right the wrongs of humanity, the power, duty and responsibility to solve problems should be allocated to the level of humanity at which the problems arise: Individual, family, neighborhood, city, district, state, region, nation, and global. Otherwise, problems will not be solved. Profit-Sharing Taxation echos level rights to get most bang for the tax dollar buck.

Welfare Reform:


  1. Recognize that unearned income is a cancer to one's humanity, whether welfare or wealthfare. (Well-well welfare is negative benefits for the muddled-class as in "Well, well. That is too bad.")
  2. Recognize that EBT cards are used as credit cards for illegal activities (mostly drugs). Benefits are traded 50 cents on the dollar. The intended recipients (children) do not get the intended food.
  3. Recorgnize "Walkfare" as the solution to the first two recognitions. Welfare recipients walk up to 40 hours per week inserting their EBT cards at check points to earn EBT credits. No more max benefits all at once. If the welfared won't work, let them walk. Better health. Less pro-littering by welfare moms. More incentives to get a job.
  4. Recongize Medicaid as the biggest Opiate dealer in America--see Opiate Saga.
  5. Recognize saying a pig's ear is a silk purse does not motivate independence but, instead, fuels the entitlement mentality. Too many welfare programs are renamed to not hurt the feelings of the welfared to the detriment of the recipients.
  6. Reconize "Help that not help the helpless to self-help is, in fact, not help."

Tax Reform
General Problems Taxation has two general problems: Division and Spending. Presently most collected taxes are centralized in the Federal government which introduces unnecessary bureaucracy and waste. Solution: Profit-Sharing Taxation. Subsequent to collection is mis-spending of taxes. Solution: Line Item Veto.
Echoing the divisioning principle behind democracy (demos[divisioning] cracy), collected taxes should be divisioned from the bottom up rather than be appropriated from the top down. The latter is the cause of many terrible non-problem-solving actions by habitual politicians to buy their re-electsions with perks and pork. With Profit-Sharing Taxation, 50% stays at the bottom for local determination of solving public problems. National politicians don't know the local problems well enough to economically and permanently solve them. At each higher level, the remaining taxes are divided in half, half to remain and half to progress. Profit-sharing taxation implements Level Rights: To right social wrongs, the power and duty to solve the wrongs should be at the level of origin.
Line Item Veto Brainbees should be held on bi-monthly basis for the citizenry to prioritize spending that inititated to primarily benefit habitual politicians. The national debt is a growing economic burden that represents bad spending. Either we renovate our tax spending or the whole ediface will collapse into chaos. Line item vetos are an example of government of, by, and for the people.

Timism: The Morality of More Timie, aka, the Periodic Table of Existence (index) (top)
Rights and Freedoms Actions that prevent or solve time-wasting problems, creating or saving time, are rights and freedoms that Legal rights legislated by politicians are useless if a person does not do right by the logical laws of Mother Nature.
  1. Pedestrian rights do not save a person who walks blindly into rush-hour traffic.
  2. Human rights are deadly when arguing with an incompetent officer of the law.
  3. Climate Hell shows one does not have a logical right to procreate in an over-populated world.
  4. The pro-litter SCOTUS is like King Canute ordering the tide to stop rising. Illogical legal rights are natural wrongs.

Any human right, legal right, or states right that differs from the Natural Rights of Mother Nature is a prescription for human pain. Those who do not do what is right suffer what is wrong

Equality &
Free Will 
The quality of one's free will is one's ability to will freedom from problems. It is based on the quantity of  one's information relevant to the problem(s) in one's life. If you believe in ghosts haunting your life and you light candles to appease them, you will probably have more problems since your free will is igknowing your problems.
Opinion vs. Conclusions. Religions don't solve problems. bad factor
like free speech: Does you free will free you from problems or enslave you to mental prisons from which you are unable to escape, e.g., Trump's Maggot crowd.
Time in your life Meaning of Life: Seeds of Time ... Policy-Making ... Thread in the Fabric of Life ... Rights and Freedom

Ukraine: Till Death Do US Part (top)
Putin: Climate Cancer Defending Ukraine is more than defending democracy. It is a necessary step to end Russia's igknowing how its forest fires fuel the closed loop of  CO2>drought>fire>CO2 ad infinitum. Defeating Putin is part of the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from Climate Hell.
Global Democracy Tax Brainbee fees
Lendlease Ukraine Using the Global Democracy Tax to reimburse and encourage other nations to help Ukraine.
Thankful Dictators Domestic immigration aids foreign despots and autocrats.
Sancturists Bleeding Democracy The road to hell is paved with good intentions from bad values.
Deport All Russians: Damn those who co-enable quitters to have a quiet life.
Deport Ukrainean Draft Dodgers

Help fuilfill the Primary Moral Imperative of saving Life on Planet Earth.
Claim 100+ gratis Timism barter-currency (US IPO: $30/lifehour)
When millions have billions in lifehours, we will have a stable currency and
will have political power to legislate use for taxes, loans, healthcare and needs.
Optimists opt for Timists: The Party of, by, and for more time.

Meaning of Life

Living beyond your means lessens your means: UB meaningless.
Living below your means creates more means: UB meaningful.
Meaning of Life: Be a Timeful Creator not a Timeless Cancer.
Meaningless menials become meanies.

To be happy with more means, time, freedom and friends,
live like a baby chicken: cheap, cheap, cheap,
a.k.a., smart, smart, smart..

Be a minimalistic mentalist not a malignant materialist:
Help save life on Planet Earth from our CO2 sins,
live within the means of Mother Nature.

Meaning of Life
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