Timism Global Totals

Table of Contents

Super-highway to government
of, by and for the people.
  1. Civility Brainbees
  2. Grassroots Gerrymander
  3. Idea Lotteries Indexes
  4. Level Rights
  5. Super Brainbee/Level Rights
  6. Citizen Legislation
  7. Zero-Cost Primaries

Meaning of Life
30sec ... 13 min ... www

YouTube Channels

  1. Global Dying
  2. Re-Timing Physics
  3. Existential Meltdown
  4. Economics and Timism
  5. Politics and Timism
  6. Wholeplan of Timism

For any topic not listed,
google with "Timism.com".

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Tests: Brainbee ... ZZ test
Grassroots Gerrymandering

Process Brainbees

Mass Mailing: Batch(taskkill) ... Direct ... backdoor ... IR


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