Cost of Living Reduction

The true cost of living is not funny numbers on funny paper. The true cost is the amount of average daily time it takes to acquire then necessities of life through work. An economy in which the cost of living is two hours is better than the one wherein the cost is twelve hours. The latter is not as bad as one in which there is no food, a situation that increasing as the first indication of failed states.

Global dying is resulting from the destruction of the food chain by the effects of rising greenhouse gases--see Organic Thesis of CO2. As global dying accelerates, the cost of living will increase in daily hours until there are not enough hours in the day for a person to work so as to have food.

In addition to the inflationary effects of food shortages upon the cost of living--sinflation--inflation also comes from people engaged in non-essential businesses, e.g., play. When players compete with workers, the players drive up the cost of goods and services with their money--coflation. Coflation is akin to a government printing more money while the supplies of needed goods and services do not go up.

In the United States, the habitual politicians have used budget deficits to fund monetary colonialism. One of the effects is inflation in all non-essential goods and services as the politicians "pork" or "earmarks" spent money on activities that was not need. In other words, per the traditional definition of inflation, more money chases the same or fewer goods and services. A legacy of monetary colonialism is meanness in those who knowingly or unknowingly lived beyond their means on the gravy train of deficit spending. Now, most of these meaningless people cannot adjust for one simple reason: They don't have the work ethic which is an attitude of adjusting to solve problems and to live within one's means.

In suffering from the play pathos, players, gamers, gamblers and speculators lack needed skills as they have lived a life of unneeded activities. Individually--and you can see this on the nightly news accounts of people suffering from the economic downturn--they do more than echo the general economic problems of the United States. Collectively they are the general economic problem of the United States. Neither wealth nor poverty trickle down. Per the objective, logical dictates of an uncaring Mother Nature--God's accountant on earth--the US decline shows that the whole is grosser than the scum of its parts.

Based on the above, simplified analysis of inflation due to non-essential business activity--the economy of lies, wants, waste and worries--the simplest way to reduce the cost of living in workhours is to reduce and eliminate the non-essential activities.  This must be done for a more important reason that eliminating inflation in the cost of humanity. The most important reason is the CO2 sinning associated with all human activities.

  1. All non-essential human activity is unnecessary CO2 sinning. Eliminating the economy of lies, wants and waste would eliminate most of human CO2 sinning.
  2. Essential services need to be re-timed so as to reduce the CO2 sinning cost per needed goods and services.
  3. All persons terminated from employment of high CO2 sinning businesses need to be rapidly re-employed in needed businesses by reducing the workweek so everyone is working to earn their daily bread.

Toward the goal of fulfilling the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, tools of timism are available for prioritization of business elimination and re-timing. In particular, we need democratic plebiscites rather than despotic politicians determining who is essential. Given that the habitual politicians are the arsonists of humanity who have fired the flames of the existential meltdown and global dying, it is suicidal to allow them to keep selfishly and greedily screw up. It would be like giving car keys to a drunk or nursery keys to a pedophiliac.

Also see Controlled Depopulation

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