"As I would not be a slave, so would I not be a master." Abraham Lincoln

Rich and Famous? Not I

Some people have asked of me after reviewing my conclusions why, if I am such a great concluder, I am not rich and famous. It is a question which those who know don't ask. To seek wealth from the ultimate inside information, that is, a high level of intellectual and information integrity, is both immoral and impossible. As I would not want to be a victim of theft, so would I not be a thief.

I have been a thief, a successful, un-arrested thief. When I collected signatures for elective office, I told the felons who said they could not sign, "The difference between you and me is that I quit before I got caught." The unhappiness of being a thief made me a born-again honest man. Stupid at times. But no longer an unhappy thief.

A person of integrity does not steal, legally or illegally, with a gun or a briefcase. To seek wealth from inside information is to take not create. Did God steal or create the world? God, the creator of time, has one primary rule into which all earthly commandments can be reduced and quantified: Thou shall not steal time. This is a tenet of timism, the morality of more time.

The wages of sin is death, for the taking or stealing of time brings death, not life. Morality that does not create time is morality only in words but not in reality. A person possessed of a true moral compass that points to the benefits of emulating the Creator does not seek riches by prostituting inside information on the nature and course of God's Creation.

If one has integrity that God would commend, it is impossible to steal by having a higher understanding of the flow of life and time. I seek to be a Timist sine qua non.

  1. To steal with a higher knowledge of existence is to thwart raising one's very knowledge upon which that the ability to steal derives.
  2. To steal with knowledge of the Tree of Wisdom is to deny one further access to that Tree of Wisdom, Happiness and Serenity.
  3. To steal from that Tree is to destroy that Tree.
  4. To steal is to incur the Wrath of Almighty whose retributions exceed all understanding except for those who have sought the integrity and received the reward of that understanding--timism.

For instance, if you know that there is a looming shortage of oil, you can either seek wealth from betting on rising prices or you can seek wealth from enlightening people to conservation. The latter path leads to a safer, saner world. The former path is the path a hell-on-earth. Global Dying, the end of life on earth, is God's punishment for people greedily seeking wealth from stealing rather than creating with the knowledge of life.

So, I am not a rich moneytheist because I have sought an even higher, ever-lasting understanding of existence: a mentalist imbued with Timism. The integrity of timism precludes earthly richness from the information alone. That is stealing. This theft risks losing the greatest amount of time that one can have, an ever-lasting life.

In a world of creators, not stealers, timism could be the key to immortality. The means to immortality have been here for many years. These means are not seen by the masses, for the igknowance of greed is a blinding force. And, those who know don't say, because they know the igknowant masses will maim and murder the message of immortality rather than embrace and enjoy.

It is ironic and amusing that the materialists are the ones who want to live forever. Their materialism precludes the mentalism needed to implement their desired immortality. Scumnuts, people who want something-for-nothing, want to live wasteful lives while praying for someone to find solutions to their earthly problems.

When you truly have the Almighty as both co-pilot and mentor, you care not about the accolades of angelic hosts let alone seek the mundane mutterings of mortal man. The only fame that one should seek is friendship with those of equal or greater integrity. The person of highest integrity on earth has only one Friend to whom he can turn to find the essence of a friend , that is, literally, freedom. While the fire burns bright in the glory of an Earned Friendship, the dimming embers of an igknowant past still pain the soul when one realizes that an earthly friend lacks the integrity to maintain a meaningful friendship.

I am not famous. While once I sought fame in the folly of youthful naivete, I became less of a naif as I put away the foolishness of an igknowamus. For years, I have sought the ascetic fullfilment of timism without public awarness or sharing. I had hoped to die a nobody leaving the body of timism for the world to maggot over.

The direness of Global Dying which I cannot outlive forces a personal involvement with others that I'd prefer to forego. Fame among the disingenuous is a pollution of one's integrity with the flotsam of fools. If I cannot die naturally then I must live unnaturally to the end of my days. My happiness from greater freedom of the soul is increasingly trampled by the insurgencies of igknowant people running from their igknowance and trampled by the civil wars between illogical aliens . My happiness in living has been replaced by anger and bitterness.

If you find any good in the above words, please keep in mind that they are probably pearls because more than likely you are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. As such, we few who have sought to live within the means of existence are paying the price for living beyond your means, that is, raping and murdering life on earth. There is no satisfaction in the knowledge that you and yours are going to go through purgatory as hell-on-earth arrives from Global Dying.

In summary, "Avoid popularity if you would have peace." Abraham Lincoln

As one's integrity of intellect and intelligence increases, one's iCube, so does meaningful relationships decrease. It is another variant of the Diogenes with the lantern seeking an honest man. Most people sink into the oblivion or morass of doodoo'ism.

If you are constantly raising your understanding of existence whiles others care only about polluting and raping life, you will find fewer and fewer people with whom to have honest, meaningful conversations. As the Beatles sang, "Once there was a way to get back home." As one travels faster and farther without the milestones of previous pathfinders or earthly peers, one risks lonely insanity. As a matter of principle and a modus operandi for sanity, one must assume that one is insane and question the source and resolution of the assumed insanity. Therein, one can remain within the amusing realm of eccentrics without becoming a permanent expatriate of psychosis.

FTP communication and brainbees were developed to minimize suffering insufferable fools.

  1. habitual politicians, our champions of habitual problems,
  2. compassionate conservatives aka passionate hypocrites,
  3. mediac baubleheads, sleepwalking teleprompter readers,
  4. phidos,  PhD's who are dogss, not docs,
  5. doo-doo digesters, or, as they say in polite company, shit-eaters,
  6. spoiled brats, our next generation of workers and leaders, and
  7. funny mentalists , people who want everything-for-nothing.

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