Too Little Too Late

Timism is a lifelong endeavor and obsession of this writer beginning when he was an undergraduate where he formulated a description of mental processes as "Rate of Integration"( ROI ). In graduate school, the processes were found to apply to other levels of existence if the processes were quantified/qualified in time, whence, timism. After abdicating from academia for true intellectual freedom, in the late 1970's and early 1980's, a series of books were written first and foremost for self-edification on economics and politics. From these inquiries and from putting pen to paper, he became a true believer in the benefits of optimal democracy and true capitalism.

To justified these problem-solving twins, four books on needed reforms were written: Principles, Election, Taxation and Employment/Education. If they had been implement we would not have the legacy of monetary colonialism as well as the existential meltdown. Unfortunately, neither the political nor publishing world were interested.

He forged on, starting a company based on implementing democracy and capitalism in the work place: AESOP, American Employee Stock Ownership Plan. The principles were outlined in Managing Without Managers. Unfortunately, the self-management and self-reward tools that empowered employees were not strong enough, apparently, to overcome employees ignorance of logical self-interest. Employees would not charge customers for services rendered.

A few times he ran for public office. Did well, but not good enough. He offered the tools of timism to Ross Perot whose 1992 campaign slogan was not "Read my lips" but "Read my mind" for he had complaints but no solutions. Further paths were explored.

During the attempts to share and implement better democracy and capitalism to reverse the obvious existential meltdown, the elephant in the room grew larger and larger. What had been described as global warming was now recognized as global dying. With this growing recognition came the realization that the solutions for the 1970's and 1980's would be too little, too late. Likewise, newly formulated solutions are found to be irrelevant as the speed of global dying accelerates.

The re-timing of human activity must be done quickly and swiftly if we are to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth. We need the whole plan. We need simple solutions. We need to act yesterday, not tomorrow.

One reasons why the habitual politicians will do too little too late is false hopes combined with their re-election addiction. People are being repeatedly misled about the impact of their actions to stop global warming. Of course, the people have themselves to blame for being one or all of the following: doodoo digesters, funnymentalists , illogical aliens , evilutionists, cretinists, etc. Another reason is the pollyanna words that mislead in people understanding what is happening, e.g., global warming instead of global dying, carbon footprint instead of carbon sinning.

What would stop global dying today will not stop it tomorrow, next week or next year. The numbers of people getting off deathrow dwindles daily. What could have been will not be. Is too late for new values and views?


  1. 110225 The BTU reminds me of the Holy Roman Empire which was not holy, was not Roman and was not an empire. Likewise with the British Thermal Unit. Temperature is not any nationality. A gallon is an arbitrary volume as is one degree fahrenheit. As the HRE was a distracting concept on the field of human endeavors so is the BTU. Compared to the simple elegance of the metric system, the British system of measurements is a conceptual handicap which is one of the reasons American industries lag on the the world stage that has, as a whole, gone metric. (too little too late to shift to metric for USA.)

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