Richmond Times-Dispatch questionnaire for House candidates

October 10, 2013

Basic Information
Name: Robert S. (Brown-)Barnett

Birthday: February 1, 1950

Residence: 3600 Anne Street (since late 1970's)

Electronics School, U.S. Navy--record high final comp exam ... B.A. Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (Psychology, Philosophy and Chemistry)--completed requirements cum laude in just over two years ... M.A. Northern Illinois University (Physiology and Neurosciences) ... College of hard knocks--left home at age 8, funding personal costs by weekly shining shoes 40-50 hours ... went to college not for job-training but to answer the question, "What is the meaning of life?"--see answer.

Except for frying hamburgers in high school to meet expenses and the U.S. Navy, have always worked for myself rather than others. I follow when others can lead. Consistently changed income focus when success was met in latest field: electronics, concrete curing, word processing, resume writing, computer programming, graphics, and printing. Resume and Achievements. This is not my first campaign (RTD1998). I am a darn good gardener: 19ft tomato plant (WashPost2011), WTVR2009 , and

Laughingly married for over 30 years to a friend of 37 years. No children. Was going to adopt if I started a family. While global warming and climate change are the elephants in the room destroying life on earth, these beasts are offsprings of overpopulation. Mother Nature cannot afford us. Accordingly, she is responding with a faster pace of worsening weather and foodchain disasters that are killing greater numbers of excessive lives and lifestyles. While it won't make a difference in the end, I can look in the mirror and proudly say I did not kill Mother Earth by prolittering the landscape with another human being. Prolifers? No, Prolitterers winning fetal battles while losing the fatal war of saving life on earth--the Primary Moral Imperative. The road to hell is paved with good intentions from bad values. There is one simple way to stop seeing pictures of starving kids which breeds a new crop of criminals and terrorists (RTD1992). Sorry for the bluntness, but in time you will realize what I concluded decades ago: Humanity has stimulated terminal cancer for life on earth.

What makes you the best candidate?

I no longer have a vision (RTD1982) but have progressed to a whole plan with a roadmap to benefit the residents of my district by also benefitting all residents beyond my district.  The roadmap is old--Dallas Morning News 1992. My legacy of quietly researching what is wrong and how to right the wrongs in education, economics and politics is Timism--Book Listing from 1970's-80's.  

In 1982, I wrote three insightful essays with ramifications that rumble louder with each passing moment.

  1. The rise in atmospheric CO2 would harm humanity primarily by precipitation changes, longer droughts and record deluges (think Yosemite fire and Colorado floods).
  2. The US was engaging in monetary colonialism by exporting our dollars for cheap foreign goods instead of changing our economic and employment laws which would worsen the welfare states as foreigners took American jobs and machinery.
  3. Monetary colonialism would result in foreign interests aggregating the dollars to return to inflate US real estate prices. And, if Americans were encouraged to view homes as banks, would lead to an inflationary bubble with people owing more on their homes than the market value.

Of the incumbent's headlights: How bright do they shine ahead of us to forewarn, to forearm and to lead us? Or, are they dimly lit to pass unnoticed in the night ... if not driving in reverse?

I have survived failure (fire and bankruptcy) without quitting. Why? From those to whom much is given, much is expected. When I realized I had been lucky at age 25, I asked my five life mentors how I could repay them. All responded, to wit, "Pass it on." Has the incumbent led a profitable life in sharing 50/50 between helping self and helping others?

Lucky me? Out of eight kids, only three finished high school and only I graduated from college. Luck because I am not the smartest one of the litter. Only those who have been hungry can formulate policies to truly help the hungry. Help that does not help the helpless to help themselves is not help. The road to hell is paved with good intentions from bad values.

To solve a problem, it is not enough to complain and beetch. Four steps at 100% each are needed: Define, prescribe, organize and motivate. I have achieved the first two sufficiently to warrant sweat to pursue the latter two. The steps are not predicated on me but on an internet program and reward system to let people self-organize and self-motivate--brainbees and lifehours. If we are to have the best government of the least government it will come from better self-government. Based on unsolicited feedback I am a great renaissance problem-solver with simple solutions worthy of having been repeatedly called "DIB's"--Deserted Island Bob. With timism, one has acupuncture morality to solve more problems.

I am a better candidate because of the planks in my platform ... nailed and glued down from years of thought and sweat which will withstand political bribes and corruption. I validate myself not by currying the favors and flattery of others but by embracing the ugly truths of life that destroy beautiful lies of self.

  1. Educate the public to the following evils
    1. Decapitalism(RNL1991): Wall Street has hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to do the opposite, that is, decapitalize production and decapitate jobs. Capitalism is not failing. Wall Street is decapitalistic.
      1. 401ks are biggest bank robbery in history ... "And, it's legal!"
      2. Public financing of election by corporate insiders selling stocks into pensions and 401ks (Mug Whitman)
      3. Bastard Stocks: Stock divorced from creating jobs and solving problems--see Currency: Symbols or Substance.
    2. Monetarism: The dollar is dying as a public problem-solving tool. Monetarism is killing it. Monetarism is nothing more than the Biblically and Koranic prescribed usury sanitized and academized with a Nobel Medal as a stamp of approval.
    3. IPO's--Insiders Phooling Outsiders: By selling self-issued stock options and counterfeited stocks (IPOs of "recapitalized" corporations), corporate insiders have stolen the middle-class savings, pensions and retirements.
    4. Half-Democracy: Because of the money dictators--thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court--we have elections that are primary depotism followed by election-day democracy. The money interests choose the twittle-dees and twittle-dumbs controlling the ballot with the voters choosing between the lesser of two evils.
  2. Reforms: When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police. (RTD1998)
    1. Politics:
      1. Brainbees:
        1. Citizen legislation to tap the intelligence of we the people who live with the problem so our Einstein Moments are not lost.
        2. Zero-cost Primaries and Elections
      2. Women 50/50 and Term limits (RTD1994) will end the habitual problems of habitual politicians (RTD1994): In times of worsening habitual problems, the only thing worse than not voting is voting for a habitual politician.
      3. Votetime: A simple vote counting system that works on any computer that allows printing the ballot at home with no line standing at the polling booth--universal.
    2. Economics:
      1. Lifehours: Honest Functional Currency
        1. Refinance all loans debts into zero-interest lifehour loans with profit-sharing payback.
        2. On-line system rewarding people for investing time and loans
      2. Taxation: A simple universal product transaction tax on all goods and services paid in real time via the internet with monthly/quarterly adjustments ... profit-sharing distribution based on level rights. Death Taxes? Jesus did not think so. (RTD2006)
      3. 24in4 Employment: Adjust workweek length in response to time-saving technology or time-demanding disasters. By better employing our human resources we can have a 24 hour workweek in 4 years with more disposable time and money in safer, saner world for self, family and community. Because the habitual politicians chose monetary colonialism instead of reforming economic and employment laws, we have both a huge national debt and a huge time gap between current workweek length and optimal workweek length. Without changing employment laws we will never pay down the national debt because it has grown to fund the lives of the unemployed, underemployed and misemployed.
      4. Healthcare Reform: "Health care reform will be the Munich of domestic policy." (RTD1994)
    3. Community Service:
      1. Duty
      2. Healthcare costs... discrimination against women and aged.
  3. Specific actions: Dollar Democracy.
  4. Many neophyte politicians are of good heart and good intention who seek to do good. Unfortunately, they lack the iCube (integritity of intellect and intelligence) for the task into which they are thrown as part of the legislative OJT cesspool process. As babes and sheep in the woods, they are surrounded by the double-tongued lobbyists who run circles of contradictory falsehoods until they win the legislative lottery--privileging a few while deprivileging the many. Me? Good Heart. Good Intention. Great iCube!

I can do all the things the incumbent does. In addition, I have many simple ways to lower the cost of living for all Americans thus for the district citizens. Without prompting and from out of the blue, three people independently in different states in different decades said they were going to call me "DIBs" because I was a great problem-solver: Deserted Island Bob. One person who became familiar with my body of work (summarized in Timism: The Morality of More Time, aka, the Periodic Table of Existence) said in a question, "What are you doing on this planet?" (Check out why the speed of light is predicated on the rotational speed of the basic particle of existence.)

What I offer is a safer, saner future for all Americans by using the cache of holding public office to garner more attention for better democracy and better capitalism. If you know of someone with a higher iCube (integrity of intellect and intelligence), let me know. I would like to meet them. That is what I offer: an integrated plan that does not require teleprompters (aka teleliars) to falsely convey that I am knowledgable on the subject. With an integrated plan and personality, one's solutions have less collateral damage and fewer devils in the details. I am a better candidate, in part, because I don't need any person to validate my existence. Au contraire.

Gov. Bob McDonnell has cemented his legacy with the passing of his transportation package. Do you support this legislation and why/why not? If you’re an incumbent, please explain the reasoning behind your vote. To reverse global warming, we need to encourage mass transit rather than facilitate more CO2 sinning by individual transportation.

  1. The national debt is a measurement of how our habitual politciians (to fund their re-election addiction) have indebted us to think we can get something-for-nothing or to get a free ride. We are living beyond our financial means. We are increasingly meaningless as we careen toward becoming mean people when our financial opiate is withheld and we suffer withdrawal delerium.
  2. Climate change is a measurement of how we have lived beyond our energy means, spending fossil fuels that we cannot afford: The pump price for a gallon of gas is really only a downpayment on a loan with Mother Nature being an uncaring loan shark with ever escalating loan shark rates in environmental, economic, social and political costs.

Worse than our living beyond our financial means is living beyond our energy means. Instead of growing the economy and subsidizing foolish fuelism, we need to slow the economy by changing our workstyles and lifestyle. McDonnell's plan is like giving an alcoholic the keys to the liqour store.

What are the major issues that the General Assembly will have to deal with in the next two years? And what are the most pressing issues in your district? In all regards, everywhere from local to global, is the accelerating pace of climate change. The costs are escalating in larger national disasters which the US does not have the dollars to manage. Dollars will be absconded from other budgets causing those problem-solving system to further fail at a faster pace. As said earlier, we are in an accelerating existential meltdown which requires a "victory" plan as I have spent years researching and constructing--see Whole Plan and Manheaven Project

The victory plan requires recognizing the realities that habitual politicians have igknowed for decadesm, why they engaged in monetary colonialism.

  1. Workweek reduction: 1930's Depression with 25% unemployment and the welfare state would never have happened if we had monthly adjusted the workweek downward so all continued to work. Either we share job time or jobless crime.
  2. Loan refinancing: If the rich can get politicians to create quasi-government agencies (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Sallie Mae and the FED) to refinance or buyup rich people's debt then the citizens should be able to refinance their loans to save the economy.
  3. Community based healthcare: Take healthcare costs out of businesses which results in discrimination against women and seniors.

In light of the Star Scientific scandal, does Virginia need tougher ethics laws and if yes, what reforms do you propose? The State Election Board has "Comet" which allows quick, simple entry of campaign transactions. With all the iPuds and Smartphones, politicians should be able to instantaneously enter actions and transactions.  

Where do you stand on school choice and do you believe that private schools and home schooled children should receive equal funding as public education? Separate but equal was never good. We cannot have the benefits of democracy if we pursue the benefits of despotism for a fewer few under selfish, short-term greed. The road to hell is paved with the good intentions of bad values. Increasingly, our two-tier education system will look like the difference between the North and South in the 1850's where education was encouraged in the North while plantation-owners had home schooling while slaves' and crackers' education was religious training that said better days were ahead after they suffered and died. Deja vu? The U.S. cannot compete on the world market with a fifth-rate education system. Home schooling, charter schools and private schools discriminate against kids who have unmotivated parents. Unfortunately, like the politicians who no longer govern, teachers no longer educate. We are in a mess which is the existential meltdown: education, politics, pensions, jobs, climate change, etc. All are based on igknowance, that is, people wanting something-for-nothing. Igknowance is bliss until the igknowed problems blitz your happiness.

Should Virginia do away with it’s constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman?  I do not care what one does in one's bedroom as long as one can take "No" for answer and one leaves children alone. I do not care if two people call themselves married, monarchs or morons. If a human relationship contributes to rather than distracts from our over-all problem-solving, I do not object. With a divorce rate of over 50% among heteros and headlines screaming spouse abuse, child abuse, and family violence, hetero marriage does not really have a moral platform from which to pontificate on homos, gays, or whatever the flavor of the week. Furthermore, I would defend a person or persons targeted for denial or discrimination because of some attribute that does not harm others. I remember too well the abuse of others demeaning my speech impediment "da little wed wabbit went wunning across da wailwoad twack" as I carried my shoeshining box to make ends meet. My yardstick in evaluating others is judging them on the "content of the character" as it affects all life rather than the "color of their clothes or flags." Yes, the amendment should be shredded upon the dustbins of history. Religious nuts like KooKoo Nelly have been behind the vast majority of civil strife and wars, both past and present.

Please give us a phone number where we can reach you on election night.  I go to bed early so as to rise long before sunrise which I enjoy watching while they last.

Please respond to each question in detail, but no longer than two or three paragraphs each. Please email the questionnaire and a high resolution color photo in jpg format back to me by Thursday, October 10th, at noon.   I have no picture that is simply not worthy of a dartboard or rat repellant. As I take no pride in my brighter brain nor do I take shame in my uglier face. It is what it is. People being people will transfer a negative photo reaction to timism. (My wife said I should send one so I did.)

In summary, I don't know everything, and I don't know how to save the world. However, based on my high iCube (integrity of intellect and intelligence) and long-standing research into climate change  (since 1982) and how to reverse it, I am a bright full-harvest moon among the Al Gore shooting stars that flame up and flame out.  Luckily, I am old with less and less interest in whether humanity wakes up as it blindly careens toward a cliff of self-destruction. I find myself increasingly like Mother Nature who does not care at all about humans. We are in an existential meltdown running out of time. America is becoming a failed state (WashPost2011 1st Place SOTU contest). Running for office to share what I know is merely hedging my bet that I might live too long.

For better or worse as a candidate, I am a good concluder which is better than being an opinionator. Unfortunately for humanity, I am a pro-atheist agnostic. This immediately precludes anything I say or do to be of value in the minds of 75% of Americans. The silent majority's unsharable emotional gut reactions trump all shared reason, logic and facts. "Better dead than red "has become "Better dead than godless." Unfortunately for humanity, I have a speech impediment which is usually categorized as sounding like a sex pervert (whatever that is!)--I am pre-judged by the croaking of my voice rather than the content of my character.

YouTube Channels: The following were created to complement the written word with visual and vocal views.

Why Climate Contradictions

Re-Timing Existence

Existential Meltdown (essay)

Whole Plan (essay)

Decapitalism & Lifehours

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Boycotts and Mascots

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