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It is hoped that persons who sign up for a Timism account will share the following principles in general. The one point that towers above all other reform proposals is the use of brainbees for efficiently and effectively prioritizing problems to solve and solvers to lead. With the logic, objectivity and transparency of brainbees, many (if not all) of the following proposals will percolate up through the brainbees as the Einstein Moments of others.

  1. Saving life on earth from global dying is the Primary Moral Imperative which trumps all other laws, rules and policies: Given the stakes, better to assume and prepare for the worst.
  2. To save life on earth, we need better democracy and better capitalism to optimize problem-solutions which are the tools of timism:
    1. Brainbees (tap the intelligence of we the people who live with the problems to find our Einstein moments for each problem),
    2. Lifehours (reward problem-solvers in the real wealth that is created in solving time-wasting problems: time!)
    3. Global Democracy to implement level rights where human rights and states rights are the same, and,
    4. the Whole Plan.
  3. De-time Monetarism: Money is the blood of our economic bodies. Our financial hearts have septal holes as money increasingly only circulates between debtors(lungs) and creditors(heart).  Less and less blood goes to our economic limbs--the productive members. This economic congestive heart failure, obvious in the accelerating death of the Euro and Europe, is due to the obscene self-entitlements of the usury monetarists in their price-gouging fees and legal theft for managing the blood of our economy. Either we organize to stop these economic phlebotomists or these financial leeches will bleed our economies to death.
  4. We are in an existential meltdown: All of our problem-solving institutions are failing in the face of worsening problems with fewer, less qualified problem-solvers.
  5. The true cost of living is not funny numbers on funny paper but the number of daily hours needed to acquire the necessities of life to live. Everywhere in the world, the true cost of living is rising rapidly ... often to a value beyond the number of hours in the day: starvation. Recapitalizing banks by metastasizing funny numbers out of thin air only worsens the problem:  It introduces the inflation of more money chasing the same or fewer products.
  6. The cost of humanity to Mother Nature has two parts, the above cost of living and the cost of lying. The latter is our merry-go-round of lies about what we want. All lying cheapens the lied about. The cost of lying increasingly inflates the cost of living by wasting our time in unnecessary activities. Our garages, attics, basements and yards are full of wasteful former wants.  Habitual politicians and tenured economists magnify our lies at the cost of our living.
  7. The number one human problem common to all social, economic, political and environmental problems is too many human which Mother Nature cannot afford. If you think your funny numbers on funny paper entitle you to igknow Mother Nature, you are part of an inflationary bubble that will cost you more dearly than any other bubble.
  8. National debts are indices of how the lying habitual politicians, tenured economists, corporate myops and mass mediots have prompted civilization to lie beyond the means of Mother Nature--an existential inflationary bubble that will make all of us meaningless and mean when it burst.
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