Trump's government shutdown and the extensive economic ramifications into the grassroots of the economy is one of the best cases for de-centralizing government via Profit-sharing taxation. (Jan, 2019)

Only Profit-Sharing Taxation can end big government like watering seedlings rather than watering old dead trees.

Profit Sharing Taxation Allocation

Level of tax allocation


Payee %

Recipient %

Elementary Democracy 50.0000%



High school 25.0000%



District 12.5000%











Manheaven Commission




Note: A number of pre-tax percentages are extracted from receipts,
e.g., veterans fund, CJ Spence repay and programmers' deferred pay.

Profit-Sharing Taxation

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Profit-sharing taxation applies the principle of profit sharing to taxation in two ways. A review of profit-sharing is necessary for appreciation of ths principle. Central to any honest discussion to avoid semantic slippage and dishonesty is the Latin origin and meaning of profit--pro esse, forward existence or time--see Index.

True, honest profit-sharing occurs when the wealth created in solving a problem is split or shared equally between the problem-solver and the problem-suffer. As noted in the analysis of profit-sharing, if the degree that the sharing deviates from the optimal 50/50 will be reflected in a decreased rate of problem-solving.

  1. If the problem-solver takes all the created wealth or more, the problem-sufferers will live with wealth lost to the problem rather than lose a greater amount of wealth to the greedy, thieving problem-solvers. In other words, if the cure is worse than the disease, the sick will live with the disease.
  2. If the problem-sufferers take all the created wealth, e.g., not pay, then the problem-solvers will do something else rather than solve the problems for which they don't get paid.

Expressed another way, all parties affected by the problem must go forward in their existence if true profit-sharing is to be a fact rather than a semantic soundbyte.

Obviously, if one wants to live in world with optimal problem-solving then profit-sharing in each transaction must be the norm rather than exception. True profit sharing is the golden mean between the two extremes of no problem-solving. This is includes taxation.

A further clarification and discordant note before showing the two types of Profit-Sharing Taxation.

  1. Clarification: When one solves a problem, the true, absolute and universal wealth is the time created or saved, aka, lifehours. As a measurement of basic wealth--one's time--lifehours transcend the boundaries of passing centuries and political borders.
  2. Discordance: The confusion of real wealth with funny paper has led to monetarism and dysfunctional currencies. which are symptoms of necronomic thinking and carcinogens behind the existential meltdown. This econonomic theory and the funny papers are Amazon Rivers of financial liquidity that strip created wealth from the workers to the wage-takers . Together, they have funneled the wealth of humanity into fewer and fewer hands. In the USA, the top 1% owns almost 50% of wealth in America--twice the amount before 1980's metastasis of 401ks plans that replaced real retirement plans with funny paper promises.

Legal thievery is behind the work-theft cancer that transfers wealth from wage-earners to wage-takers. The peculiar institution of slavery was a monopoly of a few wage-takers legally stealing the sweat and wealth of the wage-earners. Wall Street is a monopoly of wage-takers stealing from the wage-earners.

The work-theft cancer begins when a worker saves money to start a business. It worsens when the business owner hires an accountant and lawyer to maximize his long-term wealth by hiding income or using illogical tax privileges. At a certain point in wealth-accumulation, the owner buys a politician to shape legal laws for privileges, aka, private monopolies or oligarchies. As history has shown, this requires hiring the academic streetwalkers to justify the economic privileges in the eyes of the voting public, e.g., no death tax, privitization/deregulation, 401ks, etc. To popularize decapitalism destruction of the wage-earners, mediacs are paid to present the desired spin. [It is a joke to think that the media owned by richest in America paying millions to news anchors is smothered by liberalism.] Further buttressing this ultimately self-defeating scam is when the wage-takers hiring Jacks and Jills to parade in demonstrations in support of their decapitalistic propaganda, e.g., TEA party.

The discordant legal thievery shows the evils of so-called profit-taking instead of profit-sharing taxation. Profit-taking is an oxymoron, for a profit only exists when one is creating wealth, that is, one is solving a problem and going forward. Tje creation of profits stops when one stops solving problems. Takers, e.g., wage-takers, steal the results of creating wealth. Instead of using the oxymoron profit-taking, one would be more honest to say wage-taking or wage-thief. But, bankrobbers have never been know to stop stealing, for like Wall Street Robber Barons, that is where the money is.

Wage-takers are decapitalists who steal the wealth (time) of those who put their heads (capita) to work to solve problems.

  1. By buying corruptible election-addicted habitual politicians, decapitalist metastasize illogical legal laws that increase their share of the wealth created by the wage-earning workers. Since the privitization of pensions in the Reagan administration, there has been a massive shift in the ownership of not only America but in the wealth created each year. As many know, the rich have seen their incomes skyrocket while the middle-class has slipped faster down the slope of prosperity into poverty.
  2. At a certain point in the imbalacing or unprofitable sharing of wealth between takers and earners, the whole economic system collapses. A body, physical or economic, can sustain a cancer up to the point that the cancer consumes the energy(time) needed by the body to support both itself and the cancer.

Humanity suffers the existential meltdown because habitual politicians and tenured economists pray at the alter of monetarism. These political and economic scumnuts keep promising trickle-down effects from sending more up the ladder to a fewer few. Monetarism is an example of wanting something for nothing on a global scale by a few: Money making money. Really?  Like all cancers, it cannot last. As history shows, those highest on the ladder of legal thievery and immoral greed have the most to lose and the farthest to fall.

To avoid political, social and economic chaotic demise, profit-sharing taxation must be implemented and observed. Part and parcel to profit-sharing taxation is the principle that one's community (local to global) is part of the problem-solving milieu.

  1. Without the community, one's new or old products (goods or services) have no market or value. Thus, one should not only expect but want to pay a fair share of the taxes necessary to maintain economic stability and security. It is foolishly self-defeating to think or act as tax idiot, that is, to not pay enough taxes to have good government. Tax idiots want to take the easy course of not paying taxes compared to harder, more time-consuming course of making sure collected taxes are spent wisely. It is analogous to how it quicker to rob the wage-earner of his weekly check than work a week to have an earned paycheck.
  2. If one's wealth creation increases, one should expect and want to pay more taxes to protect one's greater wealth. Otherwise, one increasingly risks kissing his wealth goodby. Stupidly, the wealthy don't want to pay taxes. As Leona Helmsley said,  to wit, taxes are for the little people.
  3. Thus, when one innovates a new product with greater time-saving/creating, one should expect and want half of the new profit to be shared with the community on which the purchase of the product depends. If the community collapses due to lack of or mismanagement of taxes, one's ideas and products are worthless (like a woman on the moon who cannot find the man in the moon.) By sharing the time-savings of innovation, the community has more time and resources to buy goods and services. By not sharing, the consumer-driven economies whither and die.

In practice, the latter principle has been totally circumvented by the work-theft cancer. Instead of paying a fairshare of the newly created wealth in the form of a profit-sharing tax, innovators have sought to use some of their new wealth to pay fewer taxes by buying politicians, economists and demonstrators. One can see the cancerous course of the work-theft cancer in the decline of all historical economic powers, e.g., Rome, England, Soviet Union, and USA. One can see in individual families where one person uses a monopoly on power to direct family-needed wealth into the one person's life, e.g., the alcoholic father or drug-addicted spouse or allowance-spoiled kids.

As noted in the first paragraph, profit-sharing taxation has two facets

  1. Individually, for profit-sharing taxation of new time-saving goods and services, a determination of the time-savings per product is needed with a 50% tax being imposed. Thus, the innovator still gets his wealth in a more stable, secure economy. Otherwise, he will be victim of crime in a declining economy.
  2. Systemically, taxes are collected at the level of creation with half the taxes being transferred to the next higher level. Lower levels of existence should want to fund the higher levels upon which depend economic security and stability.

Toward the goal of systemic profit-sharing taxation, was developed as a timistic tool along with FTP capitalism that automatically shared taxes upward. In conjuntion with level rights whereby the problem-solving focus is delegated to and apportioned to the appropriate level, problems will be solved faster and cheaper. This is necessary if humanity is to marshal its forces to save life on earth from global dying--the primary moral imperative.


  1. Profit-sharing taxation addresses one of the complaints of state, locality and education officials: Higher units of government mandate laws and regulations without providing the funds to implement statutory programs. Profit-sharing taxation reduces the costs of an inefficient, inexact tax system that consumes 7% of the U.S. GDP. Within the timistic analysis of the workweek, we all work about three weekly hours just to pay for the tax reporting and collection system. With internet-based profit-sharing taxation, fully implemented, we would would three hours less without losing a penny of disposable income--see 24 in 4. By allocating funds at the lowest possible level to solve the problems that originate at that level, optimal problem-solving in cost and permanency is effected. A case of the other extreme is FEMA in which the President is a Disaster Daddy running around after each local disaster to promise deficit-bloating emergency funds. Or, a national health care program that subsidizes millions with tax credits instead of requiring self-organization for healthier lifestyles. Subsidizing smoking and obesity worsens rather than solves these health problems. The cliche of how welfare begets "babies having babies" has many parallels when habitual politicians enact bad laws for next election's votes.
  2. Please note that pre-tax sharing includes 10% to veteran and Timism debt-holders (only till paid off).

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