Global Killers:

Why you should hate Jim Duncan (WWBT-Richmond, VA),

hate Al Roker (NBC Today Show),

hate API Spokespiece,

and pity  hate President Killer Obama.

If you realized the past inaction of another had set in motion the death of your loved ones and you, would you hate the other? Consider the following and reconsider the encouragement of the above title.

  1. Hate Jim Duncan, WWBT, NBC Richmond TV station
    1. December, 1982: I sent him an essay on how rising CO2 levels would cause changes in precipitation patterns with longer droughts and record deluges. In July, 1983, I received a thanks, but no thanks reply. So much for NBC's WWBT-12's claim of "First Warning Weather"--31 years and counting! It should have its license pulled for not serving the public interest.
    2. September, 2005: I sent the NBC weather staff an update with a CD of my research on the effects of CO2--no response
    3. In 1982, or even 2005, if Jim Duncan had initiated public awareness of the organic process of CO2 causing climate contradictions and extremes, we would not be in the worsening vicious cycle that is leading to the rapidly approaching death of civility among us and of life on earth. If you cannot hate those who are killing you, you are part of the passive herd worthy of "Evil triumphs when good men do not act." He should apologize and follow the Japanese example of expressing sorrow commiserate with the seriousness of his crime of killing life on earth by doing nothing.
    4. I have correspondence with other local tv weatherheads who failed to respond, e.g., John Benier (ABC) and Carrie Rose (CBS).
    5. If Jim Duncan had shared the information sent in 1982, world leaders might have initiated earlier actions to change our fossil fuel foolishness. As is, we may have passed the tipping and recovery points. The increasing rate of foodchain destruction by climate change is accentuated by the CO2-driven fires (Yosemite, 2013) and downwind floods (Colorado, 2013). When one understands the organic basis of drought/deluge, one realizes the primary reason for fighting forest fires is not to save dozens or hundreds of homes but to save, downwind, thousands of homes and businesses from the fire-generated CO2 blastomas that soak up and dump H2O--see US Midwest Drought 2012. Another example of local lottery winners of global warming was the early, massive South Dakota blizzard that killed thousands of cattle (see Polar Timebomb).
  2. Hate Al Roker: The following image says it all. Joker Roker in his lapdog glee about sports is a prime example of how mass communication is not educating us to live but distracting us to death.

    I received no response from him to the letter.

  3. Liar, Liar, Liar: Thanks to the Republicans repealing the "Truth in Advertising" law in the 1980's, rare is the TV ad that does not have some hot-air lie, big or small. As if seeking to garner a monopoly on "Lies in Advertising," the American Petroleum Institutes lass of sass has a crass class of gas. Her "Learn more" verbal halitosis is like Pinocchio expressing, "The truth will set you free" before excreating inflated flatteries of flatulent falsehoods.

    Miss Alexander has had a career of faux roles--see Petrophila (www ... Youtube) [Some may object to my sexist description of the API's mouthpiece as a "spokespiece," but, which came first? Packaging her as a snakeoil sexpot or my disgust at her practiced, packaged lies?]

  4. Pity President Obama: I am a vanilla man who is happy and proud to have a chocolate family in America's White House. I am not a person who wears tinted-glasses when I look at him because he has a better tan than me. That said, I pity rather than hate him. Why the switch from pity to hate and President to Killer Obama? If a nobody says "Global Warming is not real" while Obama talks global warming while walking the Keystone Pipe, which is killing life on earth?

    1. He is a habitual politician in deed and act.
    2. In his first term, he did not "change" financial and environmental laws because he wanted to get as many 2nd term campaign dollars from the dual-field players. The money dictators play the odds by donating to both sides of the fence so as to have a political "in" regardless of who wins. For this reason in Obama's first term, the White House had the arsonists of Wall Street, healthcare, etc., running amuck in the White House policy-making sessions.
    3. President Obama attempted to play both sides of the fence, to have his cake and eat it too. He knew his base would vote for him again as a lesser of two evils so he felt free to trade past campaign promises for backroom quid pro quos with the opponents vilified in his campaign speeches. The chickens are coming home to roost.
    4. In his second term, he follows the same modus operandi in bedding with his opponents. Why? He wants to max out the contributions to his Presidential library. He is double-talking trade with China and the Keystone pipeline because they are the new money dictators in American politics. Did he do anything to stop China from purchasing the biggest pork processor (Smithfield) which means Americans will have less food, higher prices and more pollution as food goes to China? China thinks nothing of trashing its environment. Do you think it will treat Americans better?
    5. Presidential libraries--We should tear all of them down in imitation of downward path of America during the terms of the White House occupants. When was the last President who could answer in the affirmative, "America, are you better off now than you were four years ago?"
    6. One often hears the complex solutions like Obamacare suffer from the "devil in the details" which usually means that implementing the solutions causes more problems, often worse than the original problem that initiated the complex solution. But, in the details one can find the "devils" who formulated contadictory, problem-causing unintended consequences, collateral damage, or friendly fire. Defense of "Saltwater solutions" comes in the guise of "We had to make compromises." Well, first of all, Saltwater Solutions are like a thirsty person drinking a glass of saltwater which is no solution to his dying for drink parched mouth. Secondly, political agreements to help an incumbent's base for his re-election are called "compromises." Sorry, where in a backroom agreement among habitual politicians is there a "common promise," that is a "common pro mission" that takes the common citizens forward? (Compromise is misused like "responsible" when a politician really should say "I am to blame for the problems being unsolved since I cannot or will not respond to my ability.) Reasons why Obamacare was DOA.
    7. Sadly, in regards to Global Dying, I cannot think of one thing President Obama has done beyond paying lip service and hopscotching campaign promises. Axiomatically, therefore, everything he has done can be quantified in acclerating global dying. One day he will realize that he missed a chance to change things. His short-sighted self-centerness mis-shot his wad. Ironicly, I like him more for the color of his skin than the content of his character.
    8. In Washington backrooms, corporate boardrooms, and in TV newsrooms, teleprompters have replaced research and knowledge in conveying understanding of issues and events. In truth, the machines should be called teleliars for they posture their readers as experts when they are merely cue-card readers. In Hollywood, they say "Do not believe your press releases." Unfortunately, not only do the viewing public buy the phony facade, but, too often, speakers believe their own telelying. I hate the Judas's who operate the telelying machines. They are like the quants who program computer on Wall Street to steal savings and pensions from Main Streeters. Both steal our future by organizing lies.
    9. Without a teleprompter, President Obama stumbles over his words, injecting "ums," "ahs," "and's" in run-on sentences which no Toastmaster would condone. It is embarassing when foreign leaders (for whom English is a second language) formulate answers in paragraphs with complete sentences. In discussing  with a neighbor (who also likes the Barak) the President's hesitating answers I was told that Obama's hesitations were to give the audience a chance to mull over what he was saying. Of course, this begs the question, "Why does the President not observe the same modus operandi when reading a telelie machine?"
    10. What of all the people who sang his praise before the 2008 election? Were they playing political Pascal Wagering? Where were the written achievements before the immaculate conception of "Dreams from my father" based on a few minutes of a basketball-dribbling meeting with his father, his only meeting ever? PR? or worse. Winning popularitiy contests (Harvard Law Review or Miss America) does not make one an intelligent problem-solver. (Harvard--yuk--the gas-guzzler of higher education!)
    11. President Obama, an emerging awareness increasingly qualifies your personality as a control freak, a super-control freak. Nothing epitomizes it more than your authorizing spying on our allies which is worse for America's future than water-boarding our enemies. I may use my wife's computer to QC my internet projects but I would never pry into her private thinking even if I "smelled strange male cologne" on her computer.
    12. Appropriately and sadly, one who questions Barak Obama ends up following a path to a generality, "Where's da beef?" What do the following add up to?
      1. We have a worse than do-nothing "Where's da Congress?"
      2. We have the worst "weird decisions" SCOTUS since Dred Scott when SCOTUS denied the humanity of some Americans while today's SCOTUS transfigured corporation into uber-mensches, that is, legal thieves who should steal more by controlling the message, media and elections. SCOTUS has empowered American corporations in the same way that Hitler and Goebbels empowered German industrialists to control the economy and propaganda. We need term limits in Congress and in SCOTUS.

      The above addition means we Americans are in deep doo-doo.

    13. Like President Hoover in 1929, B.O. will change nothing in the last three years of his "Occupy Moment "of the Oval Office. He is one of the big reasons why what needs to be done to save life on earth--the Primary Moral Imperative--will not be done. I could not live with this guilt nor would I try to obscure it with "I'm responsible ..." when the honest spin is "I'm to blame ..."
    14. I cannot bring myself to hate President Barack Obama, but I do pity him.

Based on knowing that my #1 hero is Abraham Lincoln, some will say that I am being a hypocrite in calling for a universal hatred of some people. Afterall, did not Lincoln express in his second inaugural speech "with malice toward none, with charity for all?" Yes, he did ... but he only had a national civil war of brother fighting brother. Today, we have our brothers murdering Mother Nature. We are all on trains bound for the crematoria of the global holocaust. I do not think it wrong to hate those who turned a blind eye to evidence of mounting data and deaths.

The stakes today are far greater than what Lincoln sought to avert. Lincoln could afford to be magnanimous compared to the timelines and trajectories of global dying which these hateable persons catalyzed by inaction, hypocrisy, and greed. At the risk of sounding presumptuous, Lincoln would put aside his calculated civility--afterall, he did suspend habeus corpus--for a higher law to save life on earth, the Primary moral Imperative. You should hate or pity these personalities who could have and should have enlighted and educated humanity on global dying. In their ignorance and greed, they sentenced you and yours to an unreasonable, painful punishment.

I would hate the habitual politicians who deny global warming, but I cannot hate that much of so many. When Mother Nature ruins your day and future, remember, your apathy allowed the habitual politicians to igknow reality.

I might change my mind on President Obama if he does nothing about the Twitter IPO. We cannot organize ourselves to save life on earth--the Primary Moral Imperative--if the economy is going to hell in a handbasket with people worried about their next meal not their next year. IPOs raping 401ks is killing America's middle class. Bastard stocks divorced from production (stock options and IPOs) are the economic death certificates of America.

I hate and pity the above people who have allowed global dying to accelerate when they could have educated us to live.
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  1. 131225: Worried about your Pension? Savings? Retirement? Thank, in part, Mark Suckerman of Facebook who ripped off American workers of $3.5 billion in Fall, 2013, by selling some of his insider-issued bastard stock options into workers' pensions. 401ks are the biggest bank robbery in history ... and they are legal thanks to corrupt habitual politicians in on the take. Of course, one cannot rape the willing: Americans weekly spend more time on sports than annually on politics and economics. Americans prefer Pittsburgh Steelers over Pittsburgh Steelworkers. Like the persons who think they have achieved the moral high ground by saying, "It must be nice to be perfect"--which really is an admission of immorality--Americans think they have solved their political and economic problems by saying, "I don't pay attention to politics." As the Japanese say, "The most expensive things in life are first free" which also means the most expensive tax is the self-imposed ignknowance tax which taxes endlessly as problems are igknowed.
  2. 140101:
    1. President Obama said he saved Detroit which prompts a question: Why did Detroit file for bankruptcy? In truth, he saved his second election, another example of habitual politicians using public policy-making and public tax-dollars for their private election-addiction. This addiction is an igknowance tax that is index by the national debt whereby politicians indebted and destroyed America's future for their re-election. The igknowance tax of habitual politicians will not stop without term limits, better democracy and better capitalism as embodied in the tools of timism.
    2. Even if Obama had truly saved Detroit one must conclude--given climate change caused by CO2 emissions--that the President is like the pro-litterers who win the fetal battles for a few but lose the fatal war of saving life on earth.
    3. Vision without reason is a treason to reason. Visions are only the first part of the 4-steps to solving a problem. Vision harpers are merely pleasant verbal bitchers with no roadmap for the other three problem-solving steps.
    4. Morality without practicality is immoral.
    5. Help that does not help the helpless to help themselves is a lie.
    6. Despite this writer's high 2008 hope for change, the accumulation of evidence convinces him that he was sold a bill of sale, empty promises, and sizzle without steak.
    7. No American, perhaps no human, alive today is more responsible for global warming, climate change and global dying than President Barack Hussein Obama.
    8. And, I am still an old vanilla man happy and proud to have a chocolate family in America's White House. I just wish it were another black man who is less self-centered, less conceited, less play pathetic, and more articulate.
  3. 140130 Killer, not President, Obama: Today, listening to de facto approval of the Keystone Pipeline by the Obama Administration, I realized that Obama is truly killing our future by his self-centered, self-aggrandizement instead of pursuing the change he preached from reading the telalieprompters. As much as I wanted a successful chocolate President and as much as I cajoled others to look beyond his tan, I realize Chamberlain said of Hitler, "Everything would have been all right if Hitler had not lied to me."


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