Of course, we are busy, but what are we busy at?

ReTiming Capitalism of Needed Human Services
for the Primary Moral Imperative
To Save Life On Earth

The morality of more time is a duality, that is, when a dynamic system evolves to a longer state of existence, it lives more time. At each level of the periodic table of existence, the highest entity is the time-shaper of the lesser systems and lesser levels. For instance, parents are the time-shapers of the home and the children. Good, moral parents create more time. Bad, immoral parents metastasize less time.

As the basic entity of ecos nomos (the fourth level of existence) parents collectively as a community set policy that affects the ability of other parents to shape their children for good or for evil. Worthy of repeating or revealing is that the Greek origin of economics is home management or laws. The existential meltdown indicates parents are failing as universal and individual time-shapers. Many are parenthetical parents , that is, parents if you qualify and explain why the "non-traditional" parent or family is ok.

Parents could not fail without the bad economic theories of economists and bad policy-making of the politicians. When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police. Worse than how idle minds are the workshops of the devil is how adled minds are the wasteshops of economists and how idle money is the worship of politicians.

Collectively, based on the effects of their actions, these habitual time-shapers  should be called necronomists and despots As a result of these two cancerous cesspools, parents have less and less time as well as less positive mentality to creatively time-shape their children. Fears of no retirement, no healthcare, no job, no home and no food leaves a vaccuum of means to be good parents.

Of course, one can blame parents under the rubic of "All play and no politics makes Jack and Jill desperate, destitude and demsed." This does not pay the bills nor provide greater security for those who have lived within their financial, intellectual and emotional means. As highschool, college and mainstreet shootouts show, those who are without sin die just as quickly from the bullets of deranged or angry person who is jobless and homeless. With Global Dying from CO2 sinning, there are no innocent victims.

Now it may strike the reader as odd to discuss retiming capitalism with a critique of parenting. However, as the birthers of the next heads of families and groups, one must keep in mind two things:

  1. Capitalism defines an economic system based on how people use their capita--their heads.

  2. Either the whole (the economy) is greater than the sum of its parts or the whole is grosser than the scum of its hearts.

Either capitalism or decapitalism begins in the ecos nomos--home rules.

We cannot expect better parenting and capitalism if individiuals and parents cannot be given hope in the face of the rapidly accelerating existential meltdow. Failure to retime basic capitalism--parenting--will prevent a global manheaven project to save life on earth (the primary moral imperative). With worsening failure, all hell will break out as many seek the last useless ecstasy in robbery, rape and murder. The Manheaven Project was conceived and implemented to give realistic hope (not political promises funded by inflationary moneytheistic policies) based on the morality of more time. The tools of timism have been applied to different human activities to cut the cost in work time and in CO2 sinning in hopes of saving life on earth.

Retiming Capitalism requires reformulating needed financial services without the falsehood of moneytheism , that is, money makes money. Retiming capitalism requires observing the universal, absolute truth that the real wealth and worth is what is your time currently worth as a time-saving problem-solver. If you time is worth more and more in time then your wealth is increasing. If your wealth increases only in the ownership of funny paper with funny numbers while you are unable to buy shelter and food, then you are victim of lies by others and yourself as to what is wealth and what is moral.

Retiming Capitalism is based on creation of the lifehour to capture the value of human time in solving problems. Humanity faces a meltdown of all financial systems as moneytheism keeps trying to make money from money. In response to the financial meltdown begun by the subprime mortgages, the majority of economists and politicians say "bailout" which is nothing more than throwing money at the problem. The problem is that holders of funny paper want more funny numbers. In the process, the increase in money is fueling the fires of inflation which indexes an increase in time-wasting problems. While a fireman with gasoline in hose can burn down only a few houses, the financial arsonists of moneytheism are going to destroy communities, cities, nations and civilization. Sadly, the arsonists who set the house of humanity on fire are in charge of putting out the financial fires.

Only restructuring or retiming existing debts into lifehours can preserve the principle for the lenders while providing relief to the borrowers. If the creditors insist up on moneytheistic usury interest rates then they will lose both interest and principle with the risks that come from the rising crime of widespread unemployment. The key to stabilizing the economic and financial system, from the global to the local, from corporations to individuals, is retiming debt into lifehours of the corresponding unit.

Part and parcel to stabilizing economic units and stabilizing mental hope is the universal application of "profits" to all debt repayment--see profitable sharing repayment. As detailed elsewhere, profits index, profits exist when the created wealth is split between the problem-solver and the problem-sufferer. Any deviation from the 50-50 split (a golden mean) is cancerous rather than creative. At the extreme of the problem-solver not paying (a 100%-0% split), the problem-solvers says that they will not solve any more problems. At the other extreme of the problem-solver overcharging, the problem-suffer says he will live with the problem which costs less than the solution. Either not paying or overcharging results in a world with more, not fewer, problems.

The application of the profit principle in retiming capitalism is simple and straightforward. As shown throughout history, when the creditors take from the borrowers so much that the borrowers can no longer live then the creditor is killing both the principle and interest of his lending. An example was potato farmers in Ireland who kept facing higher rents while food production was falling. A similar situation was share cropping in the American South. Many are the historical examples of civil wars resulting from unjust economic problems as well as a few examples of civil chaos being adverted by retiming debts: Solon, Sulla, Hamilton, etc. Currently, debts are being refinanced by bankruptcy and foreclosuress--no way to keep an economic body healthy.

Inherent in this historical perspective and analysis is the key to how the creditors can keep from losing both their principle and interest. Please keep in mind that the proposed retiming loans are in lifehours that will increase in real value faster than funny paper with funny numbers. Real value is the amount of problem-solving time you can buy with your assets whether paper, gold or home. (A lot of people are learning that the housing bubble caused them to have an asset that looks good on paper and tax assessments but not to buyers.) If the financial crisis continues unabated then all assets will be worth less and less in the ability to buy problem-solving time.

Inherent in the historical analysis is the role of determing the cost of living in lifehours, that is, how many hours must one work to have the necessities of life to survive. Once this is determined on a meaningful economic unit (not necronomic political districts gerrymandered for re-election of habitual politicians), people will be allowed to keep enough wages to purchases the necessities of life. To stabilize basic capitalism in the home as the basis for stable local, state, national and global economies,  All income beyond the cost of living is split between the worker and his creditors.

  1. If the worker is forced to pay all earnings toward debt, why work?
  2. If the worker is forced to pay all earnings beyond the cost of living, why work more than just enough to survive? Problems will be unsolved and creditors will be left with non-performing paper.
  3. Essential to retiming capitalism is 24-in-4, that is, adjusting an economic units workweek length based on unemployement, misemployement and underemployment.
  4. This will eliminate the need for and cost of bankruptcy. It will force people to live within their means.

The same principle applies to public debt with public entities paying off bonds with funds beyond current operational needs. With the implementation of public service for lifehour credit toward medical care, the cost of public services will go down, in part, due to level rights and on-line public education. The latter is a big source of tax demand upon the homeowner.

Hopefully, the reader understands the significance of "retiming capitalism." Capitalism describes an economic system that rewards the time of capita (head) who solves problems. Clearly, CEO's who receive millions of dollars in compensation from failing and bankrupt corporations are not examples of capitalism. Rather, they are wage-takers engaged in decapitalism.

It is the belief of this writer and thinker that retiming capitalism will return the principle to the creditors faster than dysfunctional debt. Furthermore, the creditor will be able to enjoy his appreciating lifehours in a safer, saner world with full employment and happy happier homes.

In summary, the morality of more time when applied to debt proposes economic and political reforms that literally and figuratively will create more time than the dying forms of necronomics. As many a car engine has performed better after retiming the engine so the same can be done for our economic engine by retiming capitalism. We cannot save life on earth without retiming capitalism as part of the whole plan.

The reader may have been expecting proposals for restructuring the stock and bond markets as well as the banking and financial systems. These specific simple solutions are part of the double alphabet solutions to be presented to the public when we have better democracy through plebescites.
  1. Bastard Stock Options: Offsprings of divorcing symbols from substance of production.
  2. IPO's: Insiders Phooling Outsiders
  3. MBA's: Masters of Bankrupting America
  4. 401k's: Suckers funding insiders' M&M's (Mansions and Mistresses) and funding jobs outside the US.


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