Two genies were let out of bottles. One was thankful and offered three wishes. The other was resentful at the delayed release and offered damnation.

I do not know everything,
nor how to save the world,

but ...

The following is a list of long-standing records outlined as needed problem-solving steps that warrants the above claim: describe, prescribe, organize and motivate. A review of my resume and achievements lends further weight to these matters.

  1. Description of problems
    1. Climate Change:
      1. 1982 Droughts Forever: Concluded rising CO2 levels would cause worsening, longer droughts with record breaking deluges. Together, they would destroy the foodchain and lead to social, economic and political chaos/collapse, e.g., the Arab Spring.
      2. Organic Thesis of CO2 Climate Change and Extremes
      3. Fission-Fusion Dynamics of Atmospheric CO2
      4. 2005 Hurricanes for Dummies: Based on CO2 Organic thesis, concluded decreasing number of hurricanes with increased ratio of super-storms. (In 2014, US had no hurricane system while number of super-cyclonic systems increased globally).
      5. 2006 Horrific Conclusions: Three conclusions in which the first two happen two years sooner. The third, 2015, looms as critical mass meltdown of civilization.
      6. 2007 Polar Timebomb: Based on CO2 Organic thesis, concluded earlier, larger and later winter storms based on CO2-laden jet-streams that stripped polar cap of replenishing moisture.
      7. 2007 Alpha Trifecta: Rising CO2 levels would cause increases in autism, ADHD and alzheimers as well as asthma and allergies.
      8. 2008 Petrophiliacs: Petroleum addicts in government, business and academia who abuse humanity and Mother Nature for petro wealth.
      9. CO2 Sinning: We do not have CO2 footprints but jackboots that are killing Mother Nature. She is responding in kind.
        1. The cost of humanity to Mother Nature has two parts reflecting our knowledge and morality.
          1. The cost of living which is the average daily time we spend acquiring directly or indirectly the necessities of life that stock the pantries.
          2. The cost of lying which is the time and CO2 wasted on our must-have wants of self-lies that overfill our attics, basements, garages and yards many of which we still owe money.
        2. All inflation, corruption and crime are lies of life that generate unnecessary CO2. To save lie on earth from global dying--the Primary Moral Imperative--we need better democracy and capitalism.
      10. 2006 Global Civil War between knowledge and igknowance. (vid)
      11. Existential Meltdown of problem-solving institutions.
      12. 1982 Plus: Media and government mailings with no responses.
    2. Economics/Politics:
      1. Decapitalism (1981): Wall Street has hijacked the terms and tools of capitalism to decapitalize production and decapitate jobs.
        1. 401ks: The biggest bank robbery in history in which corporate insiders rob workers of their savings, pensions and retirements.
          1. In 1980, the average retiree had almost $300,000 in defined corporate benefits as a result of corporations putting the money into new plants and jobs. In 1980, the top 1% of Americans owned 20% of America's wealth.
          2. In 2014, the average retiree has less than $100,000 in a 401k which is about $37,000 in 1980 dollars. Workers have lost almost 90% of retirement wealth (which, as people obsessed with Pittsburgh Steelers instead of Pittsburg steel, they deserve). In 2014, the top 1% owns more than 55% of America's wealth.
        2. Bastard stocks are the legal tools by which corporate insiders steal workers' wages and pensions. Corporate insiders print stock options and IPOs which pension managers and individual players stupidly buy. It is not a free market which steals savings, pensions and retirements. But, American workers deserve the bed they have made in their igknowance.
        3. IPO's: Insiders Phooling Outsiders
        4. Stock options : Workers paying the bonus of corporate insiders.
      2. 1982 Monetary Colonialism: The US is exporting its inflation and employment problems via the dollar as the world's currency. At a certain point, both colonized and colonizer will suffer imbalanced economies that will tip, fall and fail.
      3. 1982 Homeowners don't beat inflation: The exported dollars of monetary colonialism would boomerang back to cause real estate inflation with an inevitable bubble bursting in which owners encouraged to treat homes as banks would find themselves owing more than market value, e.g., the 2007 financial crisis.
      4. 1992: Lifehours: Dallas Morning News Ad for Ross Perot
    3. Mentality: If you want to understand how the brain and consciousness works, read "PTSD: How the U.S. Military and VA Worsens PTSD."
    4. Physics: With the delineation of spinbarism--that is, the linear speed of light is an epiphenomenon of the spin/precession of the smallest particle--I am the pinnacle of human understanding.
  2. Prescription:
    1. Primary Moral Imperative: Saving Life on Earth
    2. Road map: Three primary steps are needed to reverse global dying from rising CO2 levels:
      1. Refinance all loans and debts into zero-interest lifehour loans with profit-sharing payback.
      2. Share job time or share jobless crime, taxes, inflation and Ferguson.
      3. Shift healthcare costs from employers to quantified problem-solving community service.
    3. Manheaven Project: Re-time and de-time all goods and services so as to stop the CO2 costs to Mother Nature of our lying to ourselves about what is important.
    4. Better democracy and capitalism: Use brainbees and lifehours to reform the needed infrastructure.
    5. VoteTime(2000): Simple, cheap universal vote counting system
  3. Organize Problem-solvers:
    1. Brainbees: Simple internet process to tap intelligence of problem-sufferers who live with the problems to find the Einstein Moments. (First tested in 1989 on touchtone phones.)
    2. Super Brainbee: A single webpage that can manage all public elections in almost 200 nations from national to local.
    3. Democracy and capitalism should be the number one US export.
  4. Motivate Problem-solvers:
    1. Lifehours: A better functional currency for better capitalism to reward the problem-solvers, not the problem-causers.
    2. Primary Moral Imperative: More important than any other reward is saving the lives of your loved ones from global dying.

Complicating the sharing of my knowledge (to reverse the global dying of our CO2 sinning) is my mistreatment by many over the years. As the insights of Timism become self-evident to more people, many will realize the validity of my claim to knowing how to reverse global dying. But, why should I care or share? The most egregious example of my mistreatment is how the U.S. Veterans Administration has mistreated and marginalize me--see was worsened by members of Congress  by having police come to my house.

I am

  1. a survivor,
  2. an achiever with a resume of luck and with some writings,
  3. a good concluder,
  4. a simple solution problem-solver
  5. a DIBS,
  6. a Magister Ludi. and
  7. a burned-out, once-caring person who is a zoo-visitor.

With the accelerating existential meltdown of all of our problem-solving infrastructures terminating in the death of life on earth, it is unlikely any other human being can achieve the breadth and depth of understanding (translated into practical means to save life on earth [the tools of timism]) that I have. I can watch life go to hell secure in the serene knowledge that I was the best result of four billion years of evolution.

Whether or not humanity gets off the road to hell paved with good intentions from bad values (the global civil war of knowledge versus igknowance behind the global holocaust of CO2 sinning), it matters less and less to me. If people don't care about living normal, natural lives, why should I care about them? In 1975 at age 25, I had exceeded my goals in life. Now, I dither between helpful and resentful genie. I enjoy the thought that the dying patient will refuse treatment because they don't like my bedside manners based in my disgust for their cancerous lifestyles.

I don't know everything and I don't know how to save the world, but, when it comes to understanding and explaining climate change as well as what needs to be done, I am a full moon in a dark cosmo of igknowance with a few media shooting stars who fade quickly into money-chasing hypocrites, e.g., Barack Obama.


  1. I don't know anything about sports, less today than yesterday. For each thought or memory you have of some form of play (sports, lottery, gameshows, soap opertas, etc.), I have a problem-solving thought on how to save life on earth. You seem to think that you are entitled to my solutions as a birthright. You are wrong. Why should I struggle with underserving people who will next day, week, month or year spend more time on play than work. Humans, particularly Americans, don't deserve to be saved from climate change.
  2. As illogical wannabees who play, play, play, Americans engage in amazingly self-defeating wasteful lifestyles. In November/December, news was dominated by
    1. the deaths of a boy pointing are real-life toy gun at a policeman (who maybe should not have been a policeman but had a gun pointed at him),
    2. a grossly, fat street person wth 30 arrests illegally selling cigarettes and resisting arrest,
    3. a fat gangster kid who just robbed a store and was walking down the center of the street,
    4. a muscular football player beating his child,
    5. a muscular football player coldcocking his wife, and,
    6. a serial rapist of almost half a century.

    How did Americans respond? Wasteful, problem-causing protest marches. There is a huge difference between protest marches against harming innocent people and against people who harm others. Martin Luther King would not have marched with any of these protesters who clearly were players or player wannabees. These marches merely fueled what is now an inevitable race war as Mother Nature destroys the foodchain and Americans, as was and is the case, fight over less and less.


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