The Whole Plan ... Overview

The Manheaven Project

The Primary Moral Imperative: Saving Life on Earth:
Of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Facts ... Hope ... Means ... Rewards ... D-Day

  1. Global warming with its life-destroying dryness, floods, food-shortages, violence and collapse has existed as local warming downwind from major oil fields under the high ppm CO2 plumes from flared-off non-commercial natural gas.
  2. Global warming does not matter. Why? We have passed the Tipping Point into Global Dying.
  3. We are accelerating toward the Recovery Point of Global Dying, the point of no return. (Update 100801--I think we have passed the recovery point based on  Russian heat/drought/fires.)
  4. If we don't save life on earth--the Primary Moral Imperative--it does not matter if we save our pensions, our jobs, our homes, our egos, or our gut reactions.
Hope Only a Manheaven Project (a global, internet-based problem-solving process for better democracy, better capitalism and better values ) can fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth.
To avoid wholesale chaos that will prevent any organized effort to reverse global dying, we must observe the following:
  1. Technical solutions are not enough. False hopes are worse.
  2. The radical measures to save life on earth should be both fair and just based on democratic polling.
  3. Implement an honest, functional currency--the lifehour--to reward lifesavers in particular for buying lifeboat passsage.
  4. Recapitalising all existing debt into the lifehour currency (re-timing).
  5. Achieve better democracy via brainbees and re-districting.
  6. Economically optimize the workweek to ensure universal, individual access to necessities of life.
  7. Streamline the cost of humanity to the cost of living by eliminating the cost of wants, waste and lies
  8. Develop local based disaster response teams within elementary politeness.
  9. Bar all trans-border movement of people and energy (hydrocarbons and carbohydrates) until populations are reduced by 75% based on pro-litter guilt .

Without the Manheaven Project, our hope is to die early. As each disaster has shown, the first victims get sympathy while the latter get ignored, e.g., Katrina vs. Ike, Bear Stearns vs. Lehman Brothers, etc.

Means The tools of timism provide vehicles to tap the intelligence of concerned citizens
  1. to peacefully remove the habitual politicians from fossil politics in order
  2. to peacefully implement lifesaving democracy with inexpensive community-based healthcare  and internet-based education .

The tools of timism are based on the morality of more time.

Rewards The primary reward is saving life on earth. The secondary  reward is saving onesself and others.
  1. All actions on behalf of the Manheaven Project are quantified and recorded to determine one's rights to life if Controlled Depopulation is required to prevent chaotic decivilization.
  2. Part of the Solution: To increase your chances of being on a lifeboat to save life on earth, acquire lifehours.
  3. Part of the Problem: To reduce your loss of lifehours or accumulation of deathhours visit CO2 Sinning.
A series of long-considered steps to shift from the life-killing of necronomic wants, wastes and lies to a lifesaving economy of needs to avoid passing the recovery point and to save as many people as possible. [In Summer, 2010, a sad, tragic conclusion was reached--we have passed the recovery point.]

Another View (071020)

The descriptions, prescriptions, organization and motivation of the Manheaven Project,
the Four-steps needed to solve a problem,
are based on the morality of more time.


  1. A scary equation: Life on earth cannot survive global warming. Life on earth can survive a nuclear holocaust. A nuclear winter from a nuclear holocaust could have stopped global warming and dying ... decades ago. A scary equation.

  2. If people know they are not going to lose their homes and that they will continue to be able to earn their daily bread, they will more quickly reduce their CO2 sinning. For the creditors of those seeking to reduce their CO2 sinning, what gains you if you start evicting the masses until you have triggered the God of K wherein you have an accelerating, out-of-control existential meltdown of social order. At the minimum, a Solon will arise in the chaos and cancel all debt with strictures against debt-holders who drove debtors into poverty. Support the lifehour refinance agencies. With hope we cope.

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