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The CO2 Matrix  of Global Drying
&Local Drenching

Faster, Deadlier than Global Warming

From the 1930's Dustbowl to today's major droughts, oil fields caused direct downwind dryness. The culprit is the carbon dioxide plumes from burning oil field gases. The heat-trapping of CO2 is not as immediate of a threat to humanity as the threat from CO2 being a dessicant that soaks into and soaks up water, e.g., carbonated beverages. CO2 is to our atmosphere as salt is to your thirst.

The concluded effects of global warming have been present for many decades as local warming under the massive CO2 plumes downwind from oil fields. Before we die from global warming, global drying and flooding will kills us. Record precipitation is the progeny of the CO2 soaking up water and eventually, when saturated, undergoes a "soda bottle" shake, that is, a levo-dextro shift.

As a dessicant, CO2 accelerates the sublimation  of ice like salt in an ice cream maker. This accounts for polar melting faster than computer models explain. As a dessicant, CO2 is a de facto universal "HIV" potentiator that lowers an organism's water level. We are mostly water. Dehydrated organisms are playgrounds for invasive, opportunistic diseases. Higher CO2 weakens the more evolved metabolic processes that compose the immune system. From cells to brains, higher CO2 harms the most advanced organs, plants and animals, see Bees Dying, Alpha Trifecta and Universal HIV.

The dessicating effects of CO2 soaking up water and drying out air is a phenomenon common to anyone who over the ages has heated their living space with fossil fuels. In the winter, homes heated without humidifiers dry out. A heated home can be drier with lower relative humidity (13%) than Death Valley(23%) or the Sahara Dessert(25%). Why? For each carbon atom, the oxidation of hydrocarbons generates a CO2 and a H2O molecule. The CO2 becomes a "magnet" at the center of a cluster that binds 34 or more molecules of water.

Global dying is killing many today already--Hurricane Katrina and Rita in 2005. Tipping points throughout the ecosystem are being breached like the levees in New Orleans with the direct disruption of millions of lives and a mishandled economic response that will bring chaos and collapse.

But a more precipitous, pandemic problem faces mankind: Destruction of the foodchain. Rachel Carson documented the disappearance of bird species in "Silent Spring." With CO2 "poisoning" the food chain, we will have silent days and silent nights. The ignorant think they don't have to sweat global warming since they have air conditioning. This self-centered ignorance ignores how the food chains don't have air conditioning. The habitual politicians have shown that in disasters , like legislation, they take care of their friends first.

The plants and animals upon which our lives depend do not have air conditioners! The precipitous disappearance of the bottom of the ocean foodchain--plankton--forebodes a disappearance of fish populations faster and deadlier than overfishing. As the bottom of the foodchains drop out, the above levels of food will collapse without lower levels of food production. This collapse is not a matter of centuries or decades but  of quarters or months. With air conditioning, one coolly starves to death. Before we die from global warming, global famine and starvation will kill us.  But this is not, sadly and tragically, the end of global warming for we have passed the tipping point to prevent global dying without a massive, global Manhattan Project. Make no mistake about it, the earth is dying--see global dying.

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(However, please, review this whole page and collect your lifehour tax credits.)

2011 Update: In reading the examples of droughts downwind from major oil fields, notice how the reference dates are many years ago. This documentation was basically completed by 2003 with later updates. Repeated efforts to share this with the public failed due to the media being dominated by entertainers and petrophiliacs. Time was not wasted, however, for the steps to reverse global dying were defined. Of importance in matters of this nature is how committees refine what individuals define. Can a committee save life on earth (the primary moral imperative)? No. Like the doctor with a treatment plan, this prescription writer will progress forward with each step as the patient completes each phase of improving the health of Mother Nature, God's accountant on earth. Otherwise, the patient can suffer and die. Unfortunately, we have not only passed the tipping point but probably have passed the recovery point, that is, the point of no return.

(Oil field)


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Year Drought Ended and Reason Why Ended
U.S. Dustbowl-1


1933: Northern Texas Oil boom
1940: European War cuts exports. Texas production decreases below 60%
U.S. Dustbowl-II


1950: West Texas Permian Oil boom
1957: Arab imports cut Texas. Production decreases below 30%
East Africa/
Horn of Africa


1967: Mideast Oil production above 8 million barrels
1973-74: Abated with OPEC oil embargo
Current: On-going
West Africa/
1970: Nigerian Oil, 25% of global C02 flaring
On-going, to get worse: Shell expanding production


1970's: Prudhoe Bay, largest oil field in North America.
On-going, will get worse with drilling in Alaska National Wildlife Area.


1997: Shitting where it eats
Exponential exploitation of West China Taqim/Permian Basin
On-going, to get worse: China exploding population demands
Canada, US & Alaska


1990's boom in oil fields of Alberta & Saskatchewan
On-going, to get worse: Tar Sands and Co-gen expansion


1998: Increased exploration and gas-fired power plans
On-going, to get worse: CO2 injection
U.S. Southeast
(Gulf of Mexico)


1999+ Rapid Expansion of deep water oils. Free flaring.
On-going, to get worse: More deep water wells


1998: Discovery and development of deep water oil fields
On-Going, To get worse: More deep water wells
Caspian Sea


Central Asia is buffeted from oil-drought winds from both China and the Caspian Sea.

Sept 11, 2001

The modern black plague of oil provided the money for Osama Bin Laden to traipse among drought-stricken countries recruiting victims of upwind oil fields: Yemen, Sudan, Kenya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. Each act of terrorism is funded by oil dollars and is fueled by oil droughts. The costly acts increase the timistic losses of each barrel of oil. Oil--the black plague of today.


Black Christmas--Australia Bush Fire 1400 mile fire front ... New York City to Key West
U.S. South



British Petrophilia's New Horizon Oil Rig Wealther Changes: Floods in Arkansas and Oklahoma ... Letter To Gulfees


Droughts and fires: Pissing in the Wind

Most of the droughts are current, on-going droughts which means even larger drought areas as oil production is increased in response to energy demands. Other oil fields and precipitation records show this phenomenon, e.g., Russia, India, North Sea, West Africa, Latin America, and Central Asia with record downwind weather extremes. Blaming oil field droughts on land misuse and over-grazing is as misleading as equating nicotine addiction with gummy bears .

These droughts primarily occur in areas of high population and agriculture and should prompt a realization about the energy crises: It is worse than the worst case scenarios. Equally ominous is the belief that conservation is the key. The state with the worst energy crises-California--has the lowest annual energy consumption per capita, about half the national average. How can conservation be the answer when the most conserving Americans are suffering the most?

The below topics expand on how and why with future implications and political commentary.

Probable Cause
Soda Pop


CO2 is a dessicant Torrential Rains Local Warming Timism Jeremiah Deadzones Semantics
Global drying apparently has a CO2 threshold beyond which effects are not proportional to more CO2 but exponential--see live with it and Jeremiah. The CO2 chemistry of the atmosphere is the most far-reaching, least understood of any man-made chemical reaction.

As a dessicating agent, the CO2 not only binds up water into molecular clusters, but these clusters are transparent rather than visible vapor. This water "cloaking" explains fog-dissipation, hurricane deformation and Amazon "cloud holes". It also accounts for the earth's growing brightness that some scientists see as speeding up global warming. While these scientists have the data to show a brighter, hotter earth, they don't have the molecular model to explain the data with its inherent foreboding conclusions. Hurricanes for dummies provide a whole range of support for the CO2 Matrix: Numbers, Intensity, Deludge Quadrant, and BioMass.

No man-made chemical process has or will have a greater impact on man than the carbonation of the ocean above us by all of us. No man-made chemical process has so many people brewing this witches' stew that is poisoning our future. The average person exhales approximately the same amount of carbon dioxide as food that they eat each day.

How bad is the energy crises? Where's the replacement oil going to come from when the oil field owners of the Arabian Peninusula, Gulf of Mexico, Prudhoe Bay, and Western Canada face fines equal to double the market value of the oil pumped? Energy conservation and conservation will be replaced by energy elimination--stock market impact.

Unfortunately, the human atmospheric carbonation is becoming self-sustaining: the CO2 stresses and diseases the land and oceanic biomass that converts CO2 to O2--a critical mass meltdown. The increasingly warm, CO2-saturated oceans will release rather than absorb CO2. The frequency and size of forest fires will appear like a nuclear core running out of water. Crops cannot not grow to take advantage of higher CO2 levels for the same reason that a yearling baby is better off with a cup of applesauce than a bushel of apples--see FRQ Clusters.

Almost totally unappreciated is how the current flora and fauna evolved over millions of years in homeostasis with changing CO2 levels. CO2 levels are higher now than at any point in the history of evolution of mammals. The plants that were living at the last high CO2 level have died off to be replaced by evolved plants echoing the atmospheric symphony of existence . The current plants are not metabolically compatible with the atmospheric stew from higher CO2. Man's brain is the most CO2 sensitive metabolic bag of chemicals. Its optimal operation is based on a standard deviation curve with normal CO2 concentrations being the level at the beginning of the industrial revolution in 1800's. CO2 deviation cause reduced mental functions as described in alpha trifecta.

The meltdown may have started, for 2002 and 2003 showed jumps in atmospheric CO2 levels for which man-made CO2 generation could not account. Correspondingly, the rise in environmental and mental deadzones will rise exponentially, e.g., alzheimers. At a certain point, like the Titanic sinking, there may be nothing humanly possible to stop Mother Nature from increasing CO2 until most plant and animal CO2 sources are dead in a hot, CO2-thick Venusian atmosphere . As it becomes increasingly difficult to "live with it," we will die from it. (Update December, 2005: if all of humanity died tomorrow, global warming would continue to increase like a tropical storm encountering warm water and the corriolus effect. It's too late. Enjoy the ride.)

The greatest tragedy of the 20th Century may not have been the Holocaust, the Killing Fields or the Gulags. Each lasted for only a few years, killing a few million. Is the real tragedy of the 20th Century how 5% of humanity was responsible for almost half of the CO2, BTU's and pollution? CO2 has killed and will kill more people than sarin or anthrax. Is the American Dream a global nightmare? The world's children will have rapidly declining standard of living because of the petrophiliacs.

The greatest on-going tragedy is over-population. Almost one-third of the people who have lived in the last 10,000 years, basically the recorded history of mankind, are still alive. Each new human being increases the CO2 stress load, moreso in the developed countries than in underdeveloped or dying countries. Too many people fuel the demand for more oil. Over-population metastasizes the huddled, jobless masses from which arise the terrorists and insurgents who are the front-line troops in an expanding global civil war that will probably end with a nuclear holocaust.

They Know

The oil drought phenomenon has not been previously established because of record keeping. In the early days of the oil industry, records were not timely nor accurate. Both then and today, they are not accurate because of greed to hide oil royalty obligations ( companies ) or production quotas ( OPEC ) or worse: Mineral Management Service of Dept of Interior. Other factors, hurricane patterns in the Gulf of Mexico, indicates that the petrophiliacs have known that global warming from CO2 is a fact like tobacco companies knowing for decades that cigarettes are addictive and fatal. There is a "smoking bite."

Oil-CO2 NUBS: Negative, Ugly Bitter Sarcasms

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