It is not free trade when a nation enslaves its people via a dysfunctional global currency system.
to become a mercantile powerhouse for the nation's elite.

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Dedicated to Frances Coralie Perkins, the de facto mother of Social Security, who sought by education, legislation and consensus to unite the labor of the working middle-class with a matching, deserved quality of life. When implemented as an honest, functional currency, the Lifehour will re-unite worth with wealth. The lifehour will shape capitalism to live up to its origin of rewarding the head (capita) that solves the problems. Decapitalism (the legal thievery that has hijacked capitalism's legacy and concepts) will die instead of continuing to bleed the naive and igknowant to death.

Simple Summary Overview of Lifehours

Lifehours:  Eternal Currency

If the habitual politicians, through the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department,
can metastasize money from thin air to fund their habitual problems,
let us create a currency to solve our problems: the lifehour.

Unlike other thin-air currencies, a.k.a., cyber-currencies,
citizens "mine" lifehours as they solve life-wasting problems
with a share of the time saved as true profit-sharing:
: Pro esse (forward existence or time)

When millions of Americans have billions in lifehour credits,
we will have a problem-solving cyber-currency.

Lifehours are a multi-faceted cyber-unit of value:
self-generating and self-guaranteeing
by the end-users who create them.
In Us We Trust

Summary and Index

To save life on earth through a global ManHeaven Project, humanity needs a new currency without the problems of the old monies that allow various forms of theft: inflation, taxes, and speculators--wage-taking. That new currency has always been the basis of all wealth, the time invested, created and saved: the lifehour. Many ancient, biblical currencies were based on an average amount of labor or life time, e.g., shekels, denarius, and drachma.The lifehour is the absolute, universal currency that transcends the boundaries of nations and centuries. It is the only currency that can unite both the symbol and substance of wealth to prevent theft.

All humans have the same number of hours, anywhere and anytime. The productivity in time savings or creation per hour is the value of one's lifehour. The life sustaining value of a bushel of grain is the same, elsewhere and elsetime. A person who produces two bushels per hour is twice the lifehour value of the person who grows only one bushel. Both have a greater relative worth than the corn thief who steals corn without working one hour.

The theft through primitive, dysfunctional currencies can be stopped with the universal currency now in existence via All existing currencies can be converted into this international currency. All existing currencies will be converted into this intercentury currency ... when on-line democracy is used to replace the habitual politicians who benefit from the inequities of the currencies biased in favor of the non-problem-solvers--the money dictators.

When you have the perfect currency you also have perfect capitalism, capitalism per capita, for an individual is paid absolutely for what they use their head (capita) to save or create time by solving real human problems. While the quantity of daily hours is the same for all people (24/7), the quality varies based on the lifehours of freedom that one creates for self and others whether concrete or spiritual lifehours.

Part and parcel to a perfect currency and capitalism is optimal democracy for the society and economy. Without optimal democracy, corrupt politicians will use the public law process to pass private laws ( privileges ) that legalize overpayment through taxes or business thereby generating the inflationary losses of the underpaid and deprivileged.

Through on-line democracy and capitalism, timism is letting people create the new currency at a global and national level. The basic, initial cost of better democracy and capitalism should be borne by the United States. Prudent pennies for peace save dumb dollars from defense.

Without the implementation of lifehour, the livelihood and retirements of an increasing percentage of humanity will disappear. All economic schools of thought have inflationary theft built into their models, especially monetarism. The dollar is dying as a tool of commerce. Monetarism is dead: Either we bury it or it will kill us.

Spring 2008: Manheaven Commission Role

Lifehours are the unit of accounting for whether people are part of the solution or part of the problem in fulfilling the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth through the Manheaven Project. Time or funds invested is quantified for recording into one's lifehour account. Unlike the dysfunctional currencies of corrupt politicians and incompetent economists wherein the symbols of time are divorced from the substance of time, lifehours marry symbols to substance. With lifehours, literally and figuratively, if you create time, you have more lifehours in symbols to match your real time creation.

Lifehours are very important for three reasons to the Manheaven Project. As controlled depopulation is initiated to reduce population to parallel the collapse of the foodchain, one's demographic duty-to-die is determined by how many lifehours one has acquired prior to the establishment of the Manheaven Commission in one's country or district. A second reason is that as the food supply comes under control of the Manheaven Commission to ration dwindling food supplies, purchase of life's necessities will be based on the lifehours that one has or is acquiring. A third use of lifehours is to refinance all existing debt into lifehours which, by their nature, cannot be inflated or deflated only appreciated. Failure to refinance all debt from monetarism to lifehours will lead to a collapse of the penultimate human productivity, a viable currency. Failure to refinance dysfunctional debt will eliminate the needed economic infra-structure to support the specific, technological steps to reverse global dying.


  1. When it comes to tariffs and regulations, the lifehour is a self-tariffing and self-regulating currency that reduces the opportunities for greed to steal from individuals and communities. It eliminates the "false" charge that the average worker has only self-blame as a refuge in failing to not learn Wall Street chicanery so as to avoid being a theft. The lifehour eliminates the  confusing miasma or zoo of funny paper with funny numbers.
  2. By being an honest currency, that is, one in which the symbols of current time (currencies) are married to the substance of current time (essential work), the lifehour reduces the spread between the two to zero thus eliminating opportunities of theft inherent in dysfunctional currencies.
  3. By eliminating legal thievery through symbols of worktime, the possibility and severity of economic bubbles are severely reduced.
  4. Lifehours: Each higher level is a clearing house for lower levels with automatic adjustments between lower levels: GTNRSDHE (global, terra, nomia[nation], region, stata[states], districts, highs and elementaries). Inherent in the determination of a district's lifehour is
    1. a simple quantifiable process to determine the issue of new currency and bonds and
    2. settle accounts between different currency economic/political units (rewarding the thrifty) unlike internatio  Is this unfinished?
    3. The lifehour within the Manheaven Commission eliminates the politics and greed of national central banks that issue dysfunctional currencies and government that issue deficit-fueling bonds.
  5. 100715 The great financial reform passed by the US Congress is like closing some doors on a whorehouse without boarding up all the doors and windows with a concertina topped security fence underlaid by a concrete wall down to bedrock to stop the financial johns from screwing the middle-class out of their sweat. Only an honest, function currency kept constant and current to the time-creating, problem-solving of the average worker will stop the financial players from stripping and transferring real sweat by Wall Street games using symbols of sweat. The solutions to the vast majority of social, economic and political problems is the lifehour of timism.
  6. 111122 National currencies are horizontally dysfunctional while lifehours are vertically functional. Both are readily translated into into other nations or levels.
  7. 120120 The nature of and need for a currency tied to the value of time-saving problem-solving, aka, work, was explored and detailed in the book "Currency: Symbols or Substance," a 170-page treatise. The irony for this writer is how after working six-months in the early 1980's to produce a finished product, the computer crashed with no useful back-up being found. Lesson learned: It is not enough to backup if you don't quality control your backups to see if the material is really backed up. Of course, the second effort produced a better product. (This accidental stupid loss of research was not like mid-1970's when I intentionally and angrily burned up all my notes and writings on timism after abdicating from that cesspool of platitudes and hypocrisy, academia.)
  8. 131010 As a unit of value, the lifehours of timism are not stock but quantify loans in units of worktime value so they do not lose real value over days, weeks, months or years. They do not have any voting rights in They do not rise or fall based on speculation. Any reference to lifehours as shares is not to be construed as stocks that fall within the purview of government regulation. Lifehour loans are more like the donations made to churches in which one seeks to have a safer, saner future by tithing one's income as a loan to the almighty for redemption in eternal life. Funny, but humanity would be better off if it tithed timism rather than self-lies.
  9. 160603 Central banks have created a ticking timebomb of hyper-inflation. As they have handled each financial crisis with hugh increases in liquidity, the cost of money has gone down while the cost of living (food) has skyrocketed. They cannot stop the cycle of crisis/injection without a global depression. That is what they get for focusing on the quantity of money (usury) rather than the quality of money (lifehours).

It is easy to confuse the proposed new currency lifehour with its substance, an hour of life. This writer is guilty of it, and, unfortunately, he left it unclear which he hopes to clear up. He wishes he had used both phrases instead of just the former. Hereafter, 2003, he resolves to observe this verbal distinction between the symbol and substance, lifehour and hour of life.

Best Reading Order Alpha Order Manheaven Readings
  1. Introduction: A Functional New Cyber-Currency
  2. Simple Overview and Rationale of Lifehours
  3. Rewards of Lifehours for Manheaven Project
  4. Ideal Currency
  5. Thesis
  6. Credit, Debit or Lifehours: TCL
  7. Analogies: Barter System ... Soft Money ... Venture Fund ... Booster Fund , a Gratis 401(k) ... Junk Bonds ... Ft. Knox
  8. Ancient Lifehours
  9. Millionaires, Funny
  10. Credits versus Warrants
  11. Levels of Lifehours
  12. Barter System for solving public problems
  13. Bonus Types
  14. Booster 401(k) Funding
  15. Earning, Ways of
  16. Ideal Currency: Universal, absolute that transcends boundaries of nations and centuries
  17. Law: Future Tax Credits
  18. Leverage Buyout
  19. Life's Necessities
  20. Million Marchers
  21. Recording Volunteerism for credit
  22. Speech: 3 part
  23. Tax Credits
  24. Thesis (has a larger index at the bottom)
  25. Trading: What good is a financial instrument without it being exchangeable?
  26. Tuition and Homes Loans
  27. Types of Lifehours
  28. Venture Fund
  29. Warrants
  30. 24 in 4 Essay

  31. Index: The following links provide the theoretical foundations and justify the practical means by which more and more people will earn and own lifehours for their services in promoting better democracy and capitalism
    1. Idea Currency
    2. Record and Amortize your lifehours of effort.
    3. Bonuses: Simple, Residuals, Mega
    4. Transfers: Trading, buying and selling
    5. Listings: Writings ...
    6. Saving Social Security
    7. The A. Lincoln Precedence
    8. Global Democracy: Earning through prioritizing individuals or issues to solve problems
    9. Amendment to Constitution: Legalizing earning, amortization and use as problem-solving currency.
    10. Account Status, How to get a listing of your earned lifehours to date.
    11. Timism
    12. Q&A : You define the properties of the best currency and decide if you want what I found, the lifehour.
    13. Writings: Links are chapters or essays explaining or referencing the lifehour.
    14. Bobo: Take and Pardon

Lifehours in Global Democracy

  1. Balancing Economies with Honest Currencies
  2. Determination of Lifehour Value
  3. --Exchange Lifehours/ IO/trading
  4. -Goals ... Observations ..Principles ... Thoughts
  5. -Honest & Responsible Currency
  6. Levels of Lifehours
  7. Lifehour per hour of life
  8. Luxury/Liberation Tax (bb/Keystone)
  9. -Taxing the Lifehour 
  10. -Theft of Time and Currency ... Outline
  11. -Variety of Lifehour Accounts (bb/Keytone)
  12. 24 in 4

  1. Accounts
  2. Brainbee
  3. Calculus
  4. Deathhours
  5. Lifehour
  6. Overview
  7. Manhell
  8. Winnow
  9. Winners BB

 Homepage ...


Resolution of details 131115

  1. Definition/Types

    1. Bonus Types: e:\\TimeBiz\Startup\BonusTypes.htm
    2. Categories of lifehours: E:\\Lifehour\Basics\Categories.htm
    3. Classes of Lifehours: e:\\Lifehour\Basics\ClassesOf.htm
    4. Concept & Reality E:\\Lifehour\Basics\ConceptAndReality.htm
    5. Credits vs. Warrants: e:\\Lifehour\Basics\CreditVsWarrant.htm (cashflow)
    6. Levels of Lifehours: e:\\Lifehour\Basics\LevelsOfLifehours.htm
    7. Types of Lifehours: e:\\Lifehour\Basics\TypesOfLifehours.htm
    8. Warrants (w/o Credits);e:\\TimeBiz\Startup\LifehourWarrants.htm
  2. Earning

    1. Brainbee Reward: RewardsBB.htm
    2. Earning Lifehours: e:\\Lifehour\Currency\EarningLifehours.htm
    3. Finder's Fee: e:\\TimeBiz\Startup\FindersFee.htm
    4. Super Brainbee: Trade source
    5. Things to do to Earn Lifehours e:\\ManHell\Lifeboat\TTDtoEarnLifehours.htm
  3. Recording
    1. Enter Lifehours: e:\\Lifehour\Forms\LfHrEntr.htm
    2. Record Service (void?): e:\\Lifehour\Forms\RecordService.htm
    3. Recording Volunteerism Super Brainbee Details
  4. Trading
    1. Dutch Auction E:\\TimeBiz\Startup\DutchAuction.htm
    2. Sell Lifehours (same?): e:\\Lifehour\Forms\SellLfhr.htm
    3. Trade Lifehours (sames?): e:\\Lifehour\Forms\TradLfhr.htm
    4. tax credit e:\\Lifehour\Benefits\TaxCreditsTentative.htm
    5. Trade E:\\Lifehour\FormsTimismNet\agLHTrad.htm
    6. Tuition/College Loans e:\\Lifehour\Benefits\LoansTuitions.htm
  5. Manheaven Considerations
    1. Calculus of Lifehours for Duty to Die e:\\ManHell\Lifeboat\CalculusOfLifehours.htm
    2. Leveage Buyout: e:\\Impotent\LeverageBuyOuts.htm
    3. Life's Necessities: e:\\Lifehour\ManHell\LifeNecessities.htm
    4. Manheaven LifehourAccounts e:\\ManHell\Lifeboat\LifehourAccounts.htm
    5. Proscription Fee: e:\\ManHell\Guidelines\Proscription.htm
    6. Winnowing by Lifehours e:\\ManHell\Lifeboat\WinnowingByLifehours.htm

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